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Global Challenges Require Global Solutions: Innovative Partnerships between the Entertainment and Development Sectors

July 27, 2022
Princess and Sophie getting tested for HIV in the MTV Shuga television drama

Princess and Sophie getting tested for HIV in the MTV Shuga television drama. © MTV Shuga, MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

Today’s development, security, and environmental crises are affecting billions of people, with emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs) experiencing dramatic retreats in their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Entertainment media reaches and influences global audiences and their communities. Worldwide, there are 5.4 billion television viewers, over 5 billion smartphone users, and 1.6 billion Facebook daily active users. Stories that go viral can trigger and sustain crises, as recently shown by the COVID-19 misinformation infodemic. On the other hand, profound demographic shifts together with explosive access to online and mobile platforms in EMDEs are reshaping commercial and development opportunities for the entertainment industry. By 2050, almost all the world’s population growth will occur in EMDEs. These trends are diversifying and enriching the stories the world hears.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the World Bank Narrating Behavior Change Program joint forum discussed how the entertainment and development sectors are leveraging entertainment media to reach audiences with more inclusive and persuasive behavior change messaging during today’s multiple crises. The event consisted of short presentations and a panel that discussed the existing evidence base of ‘edutainment’ — the use of entertainment media with educational and development objectives — and recent partnerships between the entertainment and development sectors to systematically use edutainment to combat global challenges, such as gender equality and the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Headshot of Arianna Legovini

Arianna Legovini

Director, Development Impact Evaluation Department, World Bank
Opening video and remarks

Video Recording

Helen Hoehne (President, Hollywood Foreign Press Association)

Helen Hoehne

President, Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Hollywood always tells a tale…but the world is catching up

Presentation | Video Recording

Actress Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Actor, Producer and Activist
Entertainment media for global impact

Video Recording

The World Bank

Victor Orozco

Senior Economist and Edutainment Lead, World Bank
Edutainment works wonders … when done well

Presentation | Video Recording

Paul Katz (Founder & CEO, Entertain Impact)

Paul Katz

Founder & CEO, Entertain Impact
How to engage influencers for purpose and profit 

Presentation | Video Recording

Edwin Ikhuoria (Executive Director, ONE Campaign Africa)

Edwin Ikhuoria

Africa Executive Director, ONE
#PassTheMic: Innovative partnership between talents and development leaders 

Presentation | Video Recording

Maher Nasser, Director of the Outreach Division, Global Communications Department, United Nations

Maher Nasser

Director of the Outreach Division, Global Communications Department, United Nations
Collaborating with creatives to achieve positive change 

Video Recording

Madeline Di Nonno (President & CEO, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media)

Madeline Di Nonno

President & CEO, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
This is us? How TV does and doesn’t get men’s caregiving

Study | Video Recording

Christopher Bailey (Arts & Health Lead, World Health Organization)

Christopher Bailey

Arts & Health Lead, World Health Organizatio
Bringing our better angels through the arts

Video Recording


Panel Discussion

Video Recording

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Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2022
  • Time: 11:00AM–1:00AM (PST) or 2:00–4:00PM (EST)
  • CONTACT: Marco Fayet