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Smallholder farmers are integral to global food security, yet face climate change and often lack actionable real-time data and information. The goal of this project was to share and integrate past, current and future climate, sensor, satellite, farmer-generated, and farm-level data to produce comprehensive datasets and farmer-friendly, dynamic dashboards and visualizations for smallholder farmers. Producers Direct aims to empower farmers with the intelligence needed to make data-driven climate decisions at the farm level, promoting improved sustainable farming practices, increased food, and nutrition security, strengthened resilience, and improved livelihoods and resilience.

This project addressed the following SDGs: SDG 12 - Responsible consumption & production, SDG 13 - Climate action, SDG 15 - Life on land , and SDG 17 - Partnerships for the goals. This project captured and analyzed weather data in Sireet, Kenya and Bushenyi, Uganda at individual farmer levels for the first time ever. It also provided first-time insights into farm health through digital logbooks that were fed back to farmers and producer organizations.

Key achievements included:

  • Training Lead Farmers on a prototype of a digital record-keeping app, and installation and use of Climate Edge’s Nexo Weather stations.

  • Development of farmer-friendly training materials and training of Lead Farmers, Smallholders and Youth Agents regarding use and scale-out of digital logbooks.

  • 394 people actively using the logbooks/FarmDirect App and empowered to make climate-smart decisions.

  • The project’s user-center developer based in Nairobi continues to liaise with a network of Youth Leaders to ensure logbooks are accessible and share relevant data with smallholders.

  • In 2019, 4126 smallholders were directly trained (indirectly benefiting 16,504 people) in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania on key areas.

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