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Statistics for Results Facility Catalytic Fund (SRF-CF)

The Statistics for Results Facility is a multi-donor initiative, managed by the World Bank, to support statistical development in developing countries. Along with its Catalytic Fund (SRF-CF), this initiative promotes statistical capacity building and supports better policy formulation and decision-making through improvements in the production, availability and use of official statistics. More specifically, the SRF-CF aims to:

  • Stimulate support to the implementation of National Statistical Plans (National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) or similar statistical development plans;
  • Promote a system-wide approach in statistics at country level;
  • Promote stronger coordination and partnership between users and producers of statistics; and
  • Deliver more efficient and effective aid and technical assistance for strengthening statistical systems and results measurement.

The SRF-CF was established for a pilot phase in 2009, with contributions from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. As of 2014, eight countries have received SRF-CF grants. The “pilot countries” tab provides the latest summary information on each pilot project from project teams. For more details about individual project status and progress, refer to the latest SRF Annual Report (found under the documents tab).

An Evaluation of the pilot phase, conducted in 2013, recommended that the SRF be extended and expanded. It found that the key SRF objectives were being met, though to varying degrees given the different stages of the pilot projects, and that the three projects under implementation at the time of the Evaluation had made real achievements. Some care needs to be used in interpreting these results since only a small number of pilot countries had commenced implementation at the time of the Evaluation, and the response rate to the Evaluation questionnaire among the different groups of stakeholders varied widely.