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Global Indicators Group

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The Global Indicators Group (DECIG) produces primary data and analysis on private sector development - the key to sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The indicators place emphasis on regulations, institutions, and policies that promote job creation, economic productivity, and gender equality. 

DECIG publishes the World Bank's flagship reports on global business environment and women's economic empowerment. It also conducts the world's most comprehensive enterprise surveys and studies of the subnational business environment. 

Through rigorous firm surveys and expert consultations, DECIG generates reliable data and indicators that are relevant to policymaking, and comparable within and across developing and developed economies. 

DECIG's data, reports, and papers encourage and guide legal and economic reforms, open the door for policy dialogue and knowledge sharing, and feed into development research. 

DECIG is located within the Development Economics Vice Presidency of the World Bank.


What does the private sector need to thrive?

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    The private sector, including firms, workers and markets, is the engine for economic growth. An economy cannot expand without it.
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    A vibrant private sector depends on a healthy regulatory environment, including efficient public services, streamlined regulations, and equitable laws that balance opportunities for all.
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    Many countries need reforms to improve their regulatory framework to support the private sector.
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    The Global Indicators Group provides reliable evidence and global datasets to support reforms.
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    Together, the DECIG programs power evidence-informed policymaking for a stronger private sector everywhere in the world...
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    ...and accelerate the World Bank’s effort to end poverty on a livable planet.



Watch the global launch of the Women, Business and the Law 2024 report. The event will explore pathways for governments, the private sector, and civil society to break down barriers in law, policy, and institutions to achieve gender equality. 

Women Business and the Law 2024 Report

 The report finds a shocking implementation gap in all 190 economies measured. 

This year's report, the 10th in the series, finds that women worldwide continue to have fewer legal rights than men and that the weak implementation of gender equality laws exacerbates gender gaps.

Our Programs


Business Ready is the World Bank’s new flagship report benchmarking the business environment and investment climate in most economies worldwide. 

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Enterprise Surveys provide the world's most comprehensive comparable firm-level data in emerging markets and developing economies.


Subnational Business Ready assesses the business environment for private sector development across locations in a single country. The program provides data on selected topics for each location, and inform the policy agenda of local policymakers. 


The Women, Business and the Law (WBL) project collects data on the laws and regulations that affect women’s economic opportunity. 

Private sector to end poverty on a livable planet

The private sector needs a favorable business environment to grow and prosper. Hear from experts from the Global Indicators Group:

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    DECIG Seminar Series

    Livestreamed every month, the series invites leading researchers in development economics and public policy to present their recent work on international development, especially on private sector development.

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