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    Subnational Business Ready

    Subnational studies have benchmarked 619 locations in 86 economies since 2005.

About Subnational Business Ready

The Subnational project collects business environment data and provides a quantitative assessment of the business environment and the efficacy of bureaucracy at the local administrative level in a country or region. The data collection methodology is inspired by the World Bank’s global Business Ready (B-READY) study. The Subnational project adapts the B-READY methodology to the regional/subnational context. 

The project builds on experience conducting subnational assessments and policy dialogue with national and local authorities from 619 locations in 86 economies since 2005.

The project will produce analysis and studies which highlight regulatory differences and gaps in the implementation of national law and generate knowledge on good regulatory practices. By showing how and by how much locations are lagging behind good practices, the aim is to open the door for knowledge sharing, peer learning, and regulatory reforms.

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Subnational Business Ready to End Poverty on a Livable Planet