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The German Executive Director represents Germany in the Executive Boards of the World Bank Group. They oversee and govern the business of the World Bank Group. Germany is the fourth largest shareholder following the United States, Japan, and China.

The German Office represents the Federal Government and supports the Executive Director. It is also a contact point. Read more about the responsibilities and contact information of its staff.

The Executive Director serves as a member of the Committee on Development Effectiveness(CODE) (pdf) and the Budget Committee (BC) (pdf). Additionally, the Executive Director and the German office staff are involved in other Board Committees, including the Audit Committee (AC) (pdf), Committee on Governance and Administrative Matters(COGAM) (pdf), and Human Resources Committee(HRC) (pdf); as well as informal sub-committees. They work together with the other 188 member countries' representatives to harmonize their positions on development efforts.

Every year in the fall, the German Office publishes an Annual Report (German) with an overview of the World Bank Group, its business activities, and aspects of particular interest for Germany.