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International, Regional and National Institutions

Source Title Author Date
The World Bank Report Sri Lanka Education Sector Assessment: Achievements, Challenges, and Policy Options Halil Dundar, Benoit Millot, Michelle Riboud, Mari Shojo, Harsha Aturupane, Sangeeta Goyal, Dhushyanth Raju 8-Jun-17
The World Bank Report Global Economic Prospects: A Fragile Recovery The World Bank 4-Jun-2017
The World Bank Report South Asia's Turn: Policies to Boost Competitiveness and Create the Next Export Powerhouse Gladys Lopez-Acevedo, Denis Medvedev, Vincent Palmade 1-Jun-17
The World Bank Report Securing Development: Public Finance and the Security Sector  Bernard Harborne, William Dorotinsky, and Paul M. Bisca, Editors 1-Jun-17
The World Bank Report At a Crossroads: Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean  Maria Marta Ferreyra, Ciro Avitabile, Javier Botero Alvarez, Francisco Haimovich Paz, Sergio Urzua 26-May-17
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Societal Poverty : A Relative and Relevant Measure Dean Jolliffe, Espen Beer Prydz 23-May-2017
The World Bank Report Measuring Gender Equality: Streamlined Analysis with ADePT Software Josefina Posadas, Pierella Paci, Zurab Sajaia, Michael Lokshin 18-Apr-2017
The World Bank Report Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2017: From World Development Indicators  The World Bank 17-Apr-17
The African Development Bank, the World Bank Group, and the World Economic Forum The Africa Competitiveness Report 2017 - Addressing Africa’s Demographic Dividend El-hadj M. Bah, Roberto Crotti, Margareta Drzeniek Hanouz, Barak Hoffman, Jean Michel Marchat, and Audrey Verdier-Chouchane 5-Apr-17
The World Bank Report World Development Report 2017 The World Bank 1-Jan-2017
The World Bank Report Africa’s Cities: Opening Doors to the World Somik Vinay Lall, J. Vernon Henderson and Anthony J. Venables 9-Feb-17
United States Department of Agriculture The Influence of Income and Prices on Global Dietary Patterns by Country, Age, and Gender Andrew Muhammad, Anna D’Souza, Birgit Meade, Renata Micha, and Dariush Mozaffarian 1-Feb-17
OXFAM An Economy For The 99% Deborah Hardoon 1-Jan-17
UN-ESCAP Inter-Temporal and Spatial Price Indices for National and International Comparison Programs: The Case of the Philippines Eileen Capilit 1-May-16
The International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS) Uses of Purchasing Power Parities to better inform policy making and poverty measurement Nada Hamadeh and Hanan AbuShanab 1-Dec-16
European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics Quality Assurance Procedures for Estimating Purchasing Power Parities Marko Olavi Rissanen, Nada Hamadeh 3-Jun-16
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Is Living in African cities expensive? Shohei Nakamura, Rawaa Harati, Somik V. Lall, Yuri Dikhanov, Nada Hamadeh, William Vigil Oliver, Marko Olavi Rissanen, Mizuki Yamanaka 1-Apr-16
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Measuring Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean: Methodological Considerations When Estimating an Empirical Regional Poverty Line Raul Andres Castaneda, Leonardo Gasparini, Santiago Garriga, Leonardo R. Lucchetti, Daniel Valderrama 1-Apr-16
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Estimating International Poverty Lines from Comparable National Thresholds Dean Jolliffe and Espen Beer Prydz 1-Mar-16
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper A global count of the extreme poor in 2012 : data issues, methodology and initial results Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Shaohua Chen, Andrew L. Dabalen, Yuri M. Dikhanov, Nada Hamadeh, Dean Mitchell Jolliffe, Ambar Narayan, Espen Beer Prydz, Ana L. Revenga, Prem Sangraula, Umar Serajuddin, Nobuo Yoshida 3-Oct-15
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Preferences, purchasing power parity, and inequality : analytical framework, propositions, and empirical evidence Majumder, Amita; Ray, Ranjan; Santra, Sattwik 18-Aug-15
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper You are what (and where) you eat : capturing food away from home in welfare measures Gabriela Farfan, Maria Eugenia Genoni, Renos Vakis 5-May-15
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Global poverty goals and prices : how purchasing power parity matters Dean Jolliffe,Espen Beer Prydz 1-May-15
ADB Economics Working Paper Series Updating 2005 Purchasing Power Parities to 2009 in the Asia and Pacific Region: Methodology and Empirical Results Yuri Dikhanov, Chellam Palanyandy and Eileen Capilit 2011

Academic and Other Research Institutions

Source Title Author Date
International Journal of Cardiology Cardiac rehabilitation costs Mahshid Mogheia, Karam Turk-Adawib, Wanrudee Isaranuwatchaic, Nizal Sarrafzadegand, Paul Ohf, Caroline Chessexf, Sherry L. Gracea
Pew Research Center Global Publics More Upbeat about the Economy But many are pessimistic about children's future Bruce Stokes 5-Jun-17
University of Oxford working paper Absolute Poverty: When Necessity Displaces Desire Robert C. Allen 1-Jun-17
The Institute for Economics and Peace  The Global Peace Index 2017   1-Jun-17
Ecological Economics What are Households Willing to Pay for Improved Water Access? Results from a Meta-Analysis George L. Van Houtven,  Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, Faraz Usmani,  Jui-Chen Yang 1-Jun-17
International Comparisons of Income, Prices and Production Conference, Princeton University IRS Construction of Sub-national PPPs using CPI Data and CPD with Spatially Penalized Coefficients - An Application to Italy Tiziana Laureti, José-María Montero, Gema Fernández-Avilés 26-May-17
International Comparisons of Income, Prices and Production Conference, Princeton University IRS Patterns in the Measurement Errors of PPPs and Their Growth Rates Alicia N. Rambaldi, Linh T. Huynh 24-May-17
International Comparisons of Income, Prices and Production Conference, Princeton University IRS Rebasing Maddison: New Relative Prices and the Shape of Long-Run Global Development Jutta Bolt, Robert Inklaar, Herman de Jong, Jan Luiten van Zanden 22-May-17
International Comparisons of Income, Prices and Production Conference, Princeton University IRS Retail Prices and the Real Exchange Rate Alberto Cavallo, Roberto Rigobon 22-May-17
International Comparisons of Income, Prices and Production Conference, Princeton University IRS Spatial Chaining as a Way of Improving International Comparisons of Prices and Real Incomes Robert Hill, D.S. Prasada Rao, Sriram Shankar, Reza Hajargasht 22-May-17
International Comparisons of Income, Prices and Production Conference, Princeton University IRS How Low Are U.S. Wage Rates? Orley Ashenfelter, Stepan Juajda 20-May-17
International Comparisons of Income, Prices and Production Conference, Princeton University IRS Distribution as Expenditure Alexis Antoniades 13-May-17
Oncotarget A global comparison of the cost of patented cancer drugs in relation to global differences in wealth Goldstein DA, Clark J, Tu Y, Zhang J, Fang F, Goldstein R, Stemmer SM, Rosenbaum E 9-May-17
Ecological Indicators Correlation between production and consumption-based environmental indicators: The link to affluence and the effect on ranking environmental performance of countries Moana Simas, Stefan Pauliuk, Richard Wood, Edgar G. Hertwich, Konstantin Stadler 1-May-17
Journal of International Economics The Balassa–Samuelson relationship: Services, manufacturing and product quality  Qi Zhang 1-May-17
Pew Research Center Middle Class Fortunes in Western Europe Rakesh Kochhar 24-Apr-17
World Economic Forum The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 World Economic Forum 5-Apr-17
Resources The Link between e-Waste and GDP—New Insights from Data from the Pan-European Region Sigrid Kusch, Colin D. Hills  1-Mar-17
The University of Western Australia Food and Agricultural Prices Across Countries and The Law Of One Price Kenneth W Clements, Jiawei Si and Long H Vo 1-Mar-17
Journal of Cleaner Production Monetisation of external socio-economic costs of industrial production: A social-LCA-based case of clothing production Natascha M. van der Velden, Joost G. Vogtländer 1-Mar-17
Economic Society of Australia The Role of Prices in Welfare Comparisons:Methodological Developments and a Selective Surveyof the Empirical Literature Ranjay Ray 1-Feb-17
Georgetown University Distribution as Expenditure Alexis Antoniades 1-Jan-17
Review of Income and Wealth A Framework for the Simultaneous Measurement of Spatial Variation and Temporal Movement in Prices in a Heterogeneous Country: The Dynamic Household Regional Product Dummy Model Manisha Chakrabarty, Amita Majumder, Ranjan Ray 1-Jan-17
International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies Testing For Purchasing Power Parity For Selected Cis Countries  Esra Ballı- Çiler Sigeze 1-Dec-16
Conflict and Health (BioMed Central) Does spending on refugees make a difference? A cross-sectional study of the association between refugee program spending and health outcomes in 70 sites in 17 countries Timothy M Tan, Paul Spiegel, Christopher Haskew and P Gregg Greenough 1-Dec-16
Journal of  Epidemiology and Community Health Public pensions and unmet medical need among older people: cross-national analysis of 16 European countries, 2004–2010 Aaron Reeves, Martin McKee,Johan Mackenbach, Margaret Whitehead,David Stuckler 1-Dec-16
PLOS ONE A Systematic Review of Cost-Effectiveness Studies Reporting Cost-per-DALY Averted Peter J. Neumann, Teja Thorat, Yue Zhong, Jordan Anderson, Megan Farquhar, Mark Salem, Eileen Sandberg, Cayla J. Saret, Colby Wilkinson, Joshua T. Cohen 1-Dec-16
Journal of Public Health Research The Economic Cost of Implementing Maternal and Neonatal Death Review in a District of Bangladesh Animesh Biswas, Abdul Halim, Fazlur Rahman, Charli Eriksson, Koustuv Dalal  1-Dec-16
Germanwatch Global Climate Risk Index 2017: Who Suffers Most From Extreme Weather Events? Weather-related Loss Events in 2015 and 1996 to 2015 Sönke Kreft, David Eckstein and Inga Melchior 16-Nov-16
Applied Economics An evaluation of the equilibrium value of the euro, its predecessors and their constituent currencies based on economic fundamentals Axel Grossmann, Chris Paul & Marc W. Simpson 16-Nov-16
Economics, Business and Management Validity of Absolute Purchasing Power Parity in G7 Countries Zhi-bai Zhang and Zhi-cun Bian 16-Nov-16
Center for Global Development Multilateral Development Banking for this Century's Development Challenges: Five Recommendations to Shareholders of the Old and New Multilateral Development Banks Nancy Birdsall and Scott Morris 5-Oct-16
International Organization (Cambridge Journal) Real Exchange Rate Overvaluation and WTO Dispute Initiation in Developing Countries Timm Betz and Andrew Kerner  1-Oct-16
The University of Western Australia, Business School The income and price sensitivity of diets globally Haiyan Liu 1-Oct-16
World Economic Forum The Global Competitiveness Report 2016–2017 World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab, Editor) 28-Sep-16
Economic Systems Purchasing power parity in emerging markets: A panel stationary test with both sharp and smooth breaks Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee,Tsangyao Chang, Kuei-Chiu Lee 1-Sep-16
International Review of Economics & Finance Purchasing power parity and real exchange rate in Central Eastern European countries Chun Jianga, Na Jianb, Tie-Ying Liuc, Chi-Wei Su 1-Jul-16
Tulane Economics Working Paper Series Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Poverty in Iran: Assessing the Impact and Effectiveness of Taxes and Transfers Ali Enami, Nora Lustig and Alireza Taqdiri 1-Jul-16
The Journal of Applied Business and Economics Sub-Sahara's Experience with the Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis Glenville Rawlins 1-Jun-16
The Journal of Economic Inequality Global poverty estimates based on 2011 purchasing power parity: where should the new poverty line be drawn? Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son 1-Jun-16
Journal of Econometrics A least squares approach to imposing within-region fixity in the International Comparisons Program Robert J. Hill 1-Apr-16
Journal of Econometrics Stochastic approach to computation of purchasing power parities in the International Comparison Program (ICP) DS. Prasada Rao, Gholamreza Hajargasht 1-Apr-16
Journal of Econometrics Innovations in measurement in economics and econometrics: An overview W.A. Barnett, W.E. Diewert, and E. Massoumi 1-Apr-16
University of Oxford Discussion Papers in Economic and Social History Absolute Poverty: When Necessity Displaces Desire Robert C. Allen 1-Mar-16
Indian Growth and Development Review · A unified framework for the estimation of intra and inter country food purchasing power parities India, Indonesia and Vietnam Amita Majumder, Ranjan ray, Kompal Sinha 1-Feb-16
Monash University Discussion Paper Global and Country Poverty Rates, Welfare Rankings of the Regions and Purchasing Power Parities: How Robust Are the Results? Amita Majumder, Ranjan Ray, Sattwik Santra 1-Feb-16
Telecommunications Policy The ICT revolution, world economic growth, and policy issues Dale W. Jorgenson and Khuong M. Vu 1-Feb-16
Journal of Chinese Economics Exchange Rates and Purchasing Power Parities in RenminbiInternationalization: a Look with Statisticians’ Eyes Guido Ferrari and Yanyun Zhao 1-Jan-16
Journal of Chinese Economics Exchange Rates and Purchasing Power Parities in Renminbi Internationalization: a Look with Statisticians'€™ Eyes Guido Ferrari and Yanyun Zhao 1-Jan-16
Journal of Chinese Economics On the Interpretation of Purchasing Power Parities between China and other Economies: factors affecting the differences and need for Sub-national PPPs Luigi Biggeri 2-Jan-16
The Review of Economic Studies Income Differences and Prices of Tradables: Insights from an Online Retailer. Ina Simonovska 7-Jul-05
Applied Economics Letters Evidence that capital formation is overestimated in low- and middle-income countries in ICP 2011 Theodore R. Breton 7-Dec-15
US Energy Information Administration Currency Conversion and Energy Projections: Some Questions and Answers Vipin Arora 1-Nov-15
The University of Western Australia Engel'€™s Law, Diet Diversity and the Quality of Food Consumption Kenneth W. Clements and Jiawei Si 21-Oct-15
Review of Income and Wealth Improving International Comparisons of Prices at Basic Heading Level: An Application to the Asia-Pacific Region Robert J. Hill and Iqbal A. Syed 1-Sep-15
Center for Global Development What Determines Purchasing-Power Parity Exchange Rates? Alan Gelb and Anna Diofasi 1-Sep-15
Center for Global Development Toward Better Global Poverty Measures Martin Ravallion 1-Sep-15
Review of World Economics Benchmark averaging and the measurement of changes in international income inequality Robert J. Hill 23-Aug-15
Wiley Online Library Comparing Real GDP Across Countries: The Issues Revisited David Henderson 15-Jun-15
University of Groningen / Groningen Growth and Development Centre Cross-country income levels over time: did the developing world suddenly become much richer? Robert Inklaar and D.S. Prasada Rao 4-Jun-15
Center for Global Development New Estimates of Global Poverty and Inequality: How Much Difference Do Price Data Really Make? Peter Edward, Andy Sumner 11-May-15
The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry The Japan-U.S. Price Level Index for Industry Outputs Nomura Koji, Miyagawa Kozo 1-May-15
Journal of International Economics Trade barriers and the relative price of tradables Michael Sposi 5-Mar-15
Princeton University Trying to Understand the PPPs in ICP2011: Why are the Results so Different? Angus Deaton, Bettina Aten 1-Mar-15
Universidad Carlos III De Madrid Real Capital Input in OECD Agriculture: A Multilateral Comparison V. Eldon Ball, Jean-Pierre Butault, Richard Nehring, Carlos San Juan 1-Jan-15
The University of Queensland The University of Queensland International Comparisons Database (UQICD) Version 2.0 D.S. Prasada Rao and Dr. Alicia Rambaldi 20-Oct-14
The National Bureau of Economic Research An Exploration of the International Comparison Program's New Global Economic Landscape Martin Ravallion 1-Jul-14
The Economic Journal Who Shrunk China? Puzzles in the Measurement of Real GDP Robert C. Feenstra, Hong Ma, J. Peter Neary and D.S. Prasada Rao 1-Dec-13
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System International Relative Price Levels: A Look Under the Hood Jaime Marquez, Charles Thomas, and Corinne Land 1-Aug-12
The African Statistical Journal Comparative analysis of costs of some selected infrastructure components across Africa: Results from the 2005 International Comparison Program for Africa (ICP-Africa) Oliver Chinganya, Abdoulaye Adam and Marc Kouakou 1-May-12
American Economic Journal Understanding PPPs and PPP-Based National Accounts Angus Deaton and Alan Heston 1-Oct-10