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International, Regional, and National Institutions; Academic and Research Institutions  - 2017

Source Title Author Date
PWC Global economic growth in 2018 on track to be fastest since 2011 - PwC n/a 29-Dec-17
Bloomberg China to Overtake U.S. Economy by 2032 as Asian Might Builds Fergal O'Brien 25-Dec-17
YaleGlobal Online Growing Inequality Dulls India’s Sheen Riaz Hassan 21-Dec-17
Council on Foreign Relations Visualizing 2018: The Essential Graphics n/a 20-Dec-17
Domain-b With rising incomes global e-waste rises 8% by weight in two years: UN-backed report n/a 14-Dec-17
RTE Ireland's health spending needs to be put into perspective  Brian Turner  29-Nov-17
The Interpreter Haircuts, taxis and Big Macs: Comparing economies using purchasing power parity Stephen Grenville 28-Nov-17
American Journal of Transportation Link between growth in economic activity and electricity use is changing around the world n/a 20-Nov-17
Health24 Here's how stress can cause diabetes n/a 14-Nov-17
InvestorDaily Concerns about Asia “exaggerated”: Platinum Jessica Yun 14-Nov-17
Business Standard Global oil demand is estimated to plateau around in the second half of the 2030s on increasing EV penetration in the passenger car segment n/a 8-Nov-17
Stansberry Churchouse Research The Asian consumer boom is just getting started Kim Iskyan 3-Nov-17
24/7 Wall St. Niger by the Numbers: Its Population and Economy Douglas A. McIntyre 21-Oct-17
Bloomberg Who Has the World's No. 1 Economy? Not the U.S. Noah Smith 18-Oct-17
Bloomberg Asia Will Hold Global Growth Crown for Next Decade at Least: Q&A Enda Curran, Ye Xie 13-Oct-17
The Center for Biosimilars Study Finds Biologics Improve Outcomes in IBD, Are Cost Ineffective Jackie Syrop 12-Oct-17
Bloomberg The U.S. Is Still Growing Faster Than Other Rich Countries Justin Fox 12-Oct-17
Seeking Alpha Recent And Notable Charts Calafia Beach Pundit  12-Oct-17
Moneyweb Foreign investors pile into SA bonds Ray Mahlaka 6-Oct-17
S&P Global Platts IEA sees further improvements in global energy efficiency n/a 5-Oct-17
Frontera Elections And Financial Markets: What Does Looking Back Indicate For Kenya Going Forward? Divyansh Awasthi 21-Sep-17
Pew Research Center Few see EU as world’s top economic power despite its relative might Abby Budiman, Dorothy Manevich 9-Aug-17
Project Syndicate The Insecurity of Inequality Kaushik Basu  11-Apr-17
PWC The Long View: How will the global economic order change by 2050? n/a 7-Feb-17
The Energy Collective Energy Efficiency Rate Has to Double to Meet Climate Targets n/a 11-Jan-17

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International, Regional, and National Institutions; Academic and Research Institutions  - 2016

Source Title Author Date
Institute for Economics and Peace The Economic Value of Peace n/a 21-Dec-16
Exchange Rates UK BNZ: New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rates Forecast Vs Pound, US And Australian Dollars Rakesh Upadhyay 12-Dec-16
Sci Dev Net. Asia-Pacific Analysis: R&D spending boosts development Crispin Maslog 24-Oct-16
AfricaCheck Is Africa’s entire GDP equal to that of France? Obama is mostly correct Lee Mwiti 17-Oct-16
China Internet Information Center Solar power illustrates China's manufacturing future John Ross 29-Sep-16
LinkedIn How Big Data and Startups can Help the World Bank Fight Global Poverty Alexis Antoniades 9-Jun-16
Seeking Alpha Echoes Of 1999: The Tech Bubble And The 'Asian Flu' Rob Arnott 18-May-16
Harvard Business Review Why the Global 1% and the Asian Middle Class Have Gained the Most from Globalization Branko Milanovic 13-May-16
Nasdaq Do the Yen's recent moves really warrant intervention? Marshall Gittler 12-May-16
Knowledge @ Wharton What are the best countries for women? n/a 5-May-16
Nippon.com Japan Forfeits 30 Years to the Gyrations of the Yen Tsuchiya Hideo 14-Apr-16
INSEAD Knowledge Blog How China Can Avoid the Middle Income Trap Michael A. Witt 12-Apr-16
Bretton Woods project The World Bank'€™s updated international poverty line, a case of poor measurement? n/a 5-Apr-16
Harvard Business Review How Benchmarking Can Help Countries Become More Digital Bhaskar Chakravorti and Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi 8-Mar-16
INSEAD Knowledge Blog China: Years of Decline? Helmutt Schutte 10-Feb-16
American Enterprise Institute China does matter: How two developments could undermine the global economy Desmond Lachman 7-Jan-16

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International, Regional, and National Institutions; Academic and Research Institutions  - 2015

Source Title Author Date
Cato Institute Debating U.S. Grand Strategy in Asia (and Elsewhere) Christopher A. Preble 31-Dec-15
The PE Network OPIC commits up to $200 mln to impact investor LeapFrog Chris Witkowsky 11-Dec-15
Brookings India and the potential for greater emissions reductions Shawn Dhar 11-Dec-15
24/7 Wall St. China'€™s Renminbi Now Officially a Reserve Currency Paul Ausick 30-Nov-15
DevEx The hefty price of child marriage Quentin Wodon 24-Nov-15
American Enterprise Institute Japan'€™s national power in a shifting global balance Michael Auslin 20-Nov-15
Crowdfund Insider Bitbond Launches Bitcoin Purchasing Power Index: BitcoinPPI JD Alois 18-Nov-15
Project Syndicate The Poverty Line's Battle Lines Kaushik Basu 11-Nov-15
American Enterprise Institute Too few kids? Too little, too late Alex Coblin 3-Nov-15
Pew Research Center The most '€“ and least '€“ energy-intensive nations Drew Desilver 29-Oct-15
Pew Research Center A Global Middle Class Is More Promise than Reality Rakesh Kochhar 8-Jul-15
Twitter Who's Rich, Who's Big GDP per capita & Share of Global Population Ian Bremmer 26-Feb-15
NDTV Profit Indian Economy May Outpace US by 2050: Report n/a 10-Feb-15
Center for Global Development Rising Food Prices in Poor Countries: A New Clue to Those Puzzling PPP Revisions Martin Ravallion and Shaohua Chen 27-Jan-15
Project-syndicate The State of Global Poverty Kaushik Basu 24-Jan-15

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International, Regional, and National Institutions; Academic and Research Institutions  - Pre-2015

Source Title Author Date
Center for Global Development India's Puzzling New PPP Martin Ravallion 8-May-14
Project-syndicate China is Still Number Two Jeffrey Frankel 5-May-14
Brookings  What Do New Price Data Mean for the Goal of Ending Extreme Poverty? Laurence Chandy / Homi Kharas 5-May-14
Global Development: Views from the CenterEconomic Growth Global Absolute Poverty Fell by Almost Half on Tuesday Sarah Dykstra, Charles Kenny and Justin Sandefur 2-May-14
United Nations Development Programme Trends in Global Income Distribution, 1970-2000, and Scenarios For 2015 Yuri Dikhanov 31-Dec-2005
The World Bank Assessing Efficiency of Elementary Indices with Monte Carlo Simulations Yuri Dikhanov 31-Dec-2004
The World Bank The Sensitivity of PPP-Based Income Estimates to Choice of Aggregation Procedures Yuri Dikhanov 31-Dec-1997

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