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A call was made for linguistic expression
On the yearning for learning
What sets young minds in motion
What it means to have an education

The impossibilities against probabilities
What it takes to be heard or be seen
What happens to those who can read and write
What awaits those who can count the dreams that can be achieved

An Africa strong and proud
A continent that gives no ground
Armed with the power of education
Its fate molded by the vigor of a young generation

Meet the Winners of the Competition


Bedwei Kwaku Sonny

Bedwei Kwaku Sonny

An award-winning poet, spoken word artist, and creative entrepreneur, Rhymesonny has been a champion for contemporary poetry in Ghana. He carries this advocacy in his performances across the globe.                                   

Dr. Aminata Kane

Dr. Aminata Kane

Dr. Kane is a dental surgeon, writer, and professor. Among her many accomplishments, she champions children’s education and founded Ici on LIT ensuite on JOUE, a reading center for young people in Cote d’Ivoire.                                                                   

Diyani Bill Munyenge
“PhillBill Beatz”

Diyani Bill Munyenge

Singer, songwriter, and award-winning music producer of several hits in the Cameroonian urban music scene, PhillBill, or PhillBill Beatz, is an advocate for education and youth empowerment.                                        

Stefano De Cupis

Stefano De Cupis

A Strategic Communications and External Relations Specialist for education, Stefano has been working with multifaceted international organizations for more than nine years. He specializes on advocacy, digital communications, and strategic partnerships.



#AfricaActs to #EndLearningPoverty

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