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Video September 6, 2022

Anita Michael, Nigeria - #YouthActOnEDU Spoken Word Winner

Closed captions available in English, French, and Portuguese. Click “CC” on the player. Youth from Western and Central Africa were invited to send videos reciting their original poems about education to create awareness and engage in the discussion about ending learning poverty.

"The Miracle of Education" by Anita Michael

To the little girl schooled in classrooms of empty pots, a threadbare dress and absent parents, education is the friend who would never laugh at her dreams of better days.

You can ask the boy who harnessed the wind and he will tell you education was the god who delivered his village from the deadly deities of drought and famine.

I used to be the quiet one, back seat girl with downcast eyes, bull's eyes for mean jokes, a questioning soul, trapped in the recesses of a confused mind.

Until I stumbled across the miracle of letters and with alphabets as a magic wand, I could spell galaxies into existence.

Education was the genie in my lamp, and every time I made a wish, she would make it come alive. Today, like a comet oblivious to gravity, I shoot across the sky sharing the gift that saved my life.

If I have a voice, education is the microphone that amplified it.