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Video September 6, 2022

Rita Nana Adwoa Arthur, Ghana - #YouthActOnEDU Spoken Word Winner

Closed captions available in English, French, and Portuguese. Click “CC” on the player. Youth from Western and Central Africa were invited to send videos reciting their original poems about education to create awareness and engage in the discussion about ending learning poverty.

Girl. Boy. World. By Rita Nana Adwoa Arthur

Girl meets world.
Boy does too.
Both desire to go to school.

In the restless space of political, social
and all other things affecting their
sweet scholarly dreams they
dare to dream.


Of the day when they
arrive at school with hungry minds
and happy hearts ready to equally acquire
quality learning and go on to live full lives

skilled in productivity to build self,
build kin and build community.

They seek hope in triumphant futures
where education rises as the helping hand
that enriches their minds to eliminate poverty,
enables their families to live with dignity and
empowers their nations to take hold
of prosperity, sustainably.

Education changes lives
and changed lives
change the world.

So let's do it for Boy. Let's do it for Girl.