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Video September 6, 2022

Ruddy Fualefeh Morfaw Azanu, Cameroon - #YouthActOnEDU Spoken Word Winner

Closed captions available in English, French, and Portuguese. Click “CC” on the player. Youth from Western and Central Africa were invited to send videos reciting their original poems about education to create awareness and engage in the discussion about ending learning poverty.

The Promise of Education by Ruddy Fualefeh Morfaw Azanu

To read and write,
To acquire skills for the simplest or noblest life,
To feel right enough to explore your own mind,
Is the farthest dream of a new life for millions of kids in West and Central Africa.

It is a longing for the freedom to know and be,
The acceptance that food, money, family,
And the abundance of today’s living
Would always first come to those molded by informed choices.

Yet seeking the honest chance to live dignified,
Not simply because it is a right shared by the politics of papers and words,
Is repressed by poverty, conflicts, and failed educational systems sometimes too ignored or overly accepted.

The promise of education fitting the context of society’s needs
Bears the ideas to shape tomorrow’s economies.
That fighting like soldiers,
And selling our bodies for food,
May be lost in the assurance given to every child.