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Video September 6, 2022

Yewande Akinse, Nigeria - #YouthActOnEDU Spoken Word Winner

Closed captions available in English, French, and Portuguese. Click “CC” on the player. Youth from Western and Central Africa were invited to send videos reciting their original poems about education to create awareness and engage in the discussion about ending learning poverty.

As Caste Chasms Crumble by Yewande Akinse

I come from a place rife with culture and class
home of divergent tribe and tongue
I have seen great lands and rivers, seen great birds and fishes
I have also seen caste chasms crumble in the great classroom, for education is a leveler

I have seen wings given to dreaming dreams
flight to lofty heights, strength to feeble knees
for education is a propeller

I have seen how the children of nobody can become something more than a statistic
I have seen the fantastic, how great things come from a small place
Like how seedlings sprout from a small space
for education is an amplifier

Through water or fire, near or far
Education changes lives