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Video September 6, 2022

Nora Anyidoho, Ghana - #YouthActOnEDU Spoken Word Winner

Closed captions available in English, French, and Portuguese. Click “CC” on the player. Youth from Western and Central Africa were invited to send videos reciting their original poems about education to create awareness and engage in the discussion about ending learning poverty.

How Education Has Unlocked My Potential by Nora Anyidoho

So you ask me, how has education unlocked my potential?

Well, look at me, standing here
In a small house in Accra – Ghana, yet reaching out
With words like tentacles,
Emanating from my being to yours

Look at you, through me
As we ‘re-mind’ each other,
We have all it takes
Unbridle your tongue

Because education is a fire
A spark on a matchstick
You, a candle. I, a wick
Ready to be enflamed
To engulf,
To devour,
To set things straight

Because there is no such thing
As impossible
When you and I
Have the power
To empower
Through Education