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Human Development & Climate: People for a Livable Planet


Investing in people and their human capital is investing in a livable planet.

At the World Bank, we work to strengthen the resilience of people and economies by investing in clean air, water, health, education and jobs – and by helping to protect the most vulnerable.

By supporting countries to invest in social safety nets and robust health systems, we build climate resilience, support a just transition – and protect people from the increasingly dire health impacts of climate change.

We invest in education so people are equipped to take action for better climate outcomes and thrive in the green economy. It’s engineers who design renewable energy systems, chemists who develop sustainable plants, & urban planners protecting cities from extreme weather – that gives us the tools to build a livable planet. And we do all this ensuring equality for all people, empowering women and girls to lead and innovate.

At a time when climate change is dramatically outpacing our efforts to stop it, investing in people is the way toward a low carbon future.

Together with partners, the World Bank participated in multiple discussions on climate and human development at COP28, with a special emphasis on climate and health.

Highlights included the first ever Health Day at COP, where the World Bank announced a new program to help countries to assess their climate and health vulnerabilities, to increase investments in climate-resilient health systems, and to work with partners to reduce the impacts of climate change on people’s health and livelihoods.

Learn more about our work to invest in people for a livable planet through these discussions and the resources on this page.