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In this session, the Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE)  aims to underscore the importance of a collaborative and creative approach to identify and scale solutions to the climate challenge. Both the private sector and youth are key players in this.

From driving demand for green products to advocating for climate action, youth are leading the charge for a green economy. Youth entrepreneurs are exercising their voices and developing evidence-based, innovative solutions to local community challenges, by integrating sustainable practices, creating green products and services, and developing new green technologies. However, youth face significant challenges with scaling their innovations, and accessing resources and opportunities to advance their solutions.

In addition, the private sector is building lower-carbon products, green solutions, and processes towards advancing net-zero goals. Green sectors, such as sustainable agriculture or green manufacturing, are more labor intensive than conventional production, creating larger employment impacts. Green investments can reduce environmental damage while boosting economic growth and creating jobs, contributing to sustainable development for developed and developing countries.

The session will:

  • Bring together youth with private sector leaders for an open dialogue on what it would take to address the water crises.
  • Highlight how youth-led creative solutions can be combined with the expertise and scale of the private sector.
  • Spotlight grassroots work of young aquapreneurs from low-and-middle-income countries.
  • Highlight the role of multistakeholder initiatives like Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), to support innovation and collaboration.
  • Launch The World Bank Youth Innovation Challenge: Water Solutions for a New Climate Reality!, in partnership with 12 private sector CEOs, youth networks, and other partners.

The (S4YE) is a global program housed in the Jobs Group of the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice of the World Bank.  It brings together a network of private sector leaders, CSOs, donors, think tanks, academia, foundations, youth and World Bank Group operational teams. S4YE’s private sector advisory council (PSAC) brings together over 40 global private sector leaders. S4YE’s Youth Advisory Group (YAG) ensures that youth voice influences all strategic decision making.

The World Bank Youth Innovation Challenge: Water Solutions for a New Climate Reality!
The World Bank Youth Innovation Challenge: Water Solutions for a New Climate Reality is designed to accelerate innovation and unlock the potential of the next generation of youth aquapreneurs from around the world. The Challenge launches at CoP28 on December 8th, 2024, and will run through fall 2025. It is a joint initiative of the World Bank’s Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), the Water Global Practice’s Utility of the Future Program who are joined by innovative partners including:

  • CEO Champions from Water-Tech Companies: 3R Water, Acquacycl, Athina IR-Tech, CANN Forecast, Desolenator, Kai Pono Solutions, Kilimo, Nitrogen Sensing Solutions, Oneka, Permalution, Xylem

  • Outreach and Learning Partners: Mazarine Ventures, Microsoft Philanthropies, Ripple2Wave, Sustainable Oceans Alliance, Youth Business International, YMCA

Click here to learn more about the Challenge!

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