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South Asia Gender Innovation Lab


Policy Briefs

Policy Brief: Girls’ Lived Experiences of School Closures : Insights from Interviews with Girls and Mothers in Punjab, Pakistan

This  policy brief explores findings on the changing household dynamics in response to the mandated COVID-19 school closures in Punjab, Pakistan. It presents findings from the first of three rounds of qualitative interviews that are being conducted to support the SMS Girl impact evaluation.  


Policy Brief: Women’s Employment and Safety Perceptions: Evidence from Low-Income Neighborhoods of Dhaka, Bangladesh

This brief uses the 2018 Dhaka Low-Income Area Gender, Inclusion, and Poverty (DIGNITY) survey to assess the gender gap in safety perceptions and analyze the correlation between women’s safety perception and their labor market outcomes. The analysis shows that women are significantly less likely than men to feel safe in the low-income neighborhoods of Dhaka.


Policy Brief: Impacts of COVID-19 on Labor Markets and Household Well-Being in Pakistan: Evidence from an Online Job Platform

Using the administrative database of Pakistan’s largest online job platform and an online COVID-19 survey, this brief examines the gender impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on labor markets and other well-being indicators. 


Policy Brief: Effects of a Multifaceted Education Program on Enrollment, Learning, and Gender Equity: Evidence from Rajasthan, India

The Sustainable Development Goals set a triple educational objective: improve access to, quality of, and gender equity in education. This note documents the effectiveness of a multifaceted educational program pursuing these three objectives simultaneously.


Policy Brief: Adolescence in the Time of COVID-19: Evidence from Bangladesh

This brief investigates the effects of COVID-19 and subsequent economic and educational disruptions on adolescent well-being in Bangladesh. The analysis is based on data from 2,095 in-school adolescents aged 10–18 collected preCOVID-19 through a field survey for an ongoing impact evaluation, and a follow-up virtual survey undertaken early in the pandemic. 


Policy Brief: Care Work and Intra-Household Tensions during COVID-19: Evidence from an Online Survey of Gig Workers in India

This brief examines gender disparities in care work and intra-household tensions among online gig workers in India. The data was collected as part of an online experiment in April 2020, shortly after lockdown measures were implemented to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.