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Publications & Knowledge


Policy Briefs

·       Looking at Gender and Socio-Emotional Skills Signaling in Turkey (2020)

Working Papers

·       Looking at Gender and Socio-Emotional Skills Signaling in Turkey (2020)


·       Her Home – Housing Finance for Women (2020)

        Why Does She Move? A Study of Women's Mobility in Latin American Cities (2020)


Policy Briefs

·       Can Community-based Targeting Effectively Select Poorer Beneficiaries for a Large-scale Program? Insights from the LASED Project (2019)

·       Empowering Women through Equal Land Rights: Experimental Evidence from Rural Uganda (2019)

·       Africa Gender Innovation Lab Ethiopia Gender Diagnostic: Building the Evidence Base to Address Gender Inequality in Ethiopia (2019)

·       What Are the Economic Costs of Gender Gaps in Ethiopia? (2019)

·       Making It Easier for Women in Malawi to Formalize Their Firms and Access Financial Services (2019)

·       Empowering Adolescent Girls in a Crisis Context: Lessons from Sierra Leone in the Time of Ebola (2019)

·       Why do Indonesian Men and Women Choose Undocumented Migration? Exploring Gender Differences in Labor Migration Patterns (2019)

Working Papers

·       Electrification and Women's Empowerment: Evidence from Rural India (2019)

·       Full Esteem Ahead? Mindset-Oriented Business Training in Ethiopia (2019)

·       How Should the Government Bring Small Firms into the Formal System? (2019)

·       Gender in Waiting: Men and Women Asylum Seekers in European Reception Facilities (2019)

·       Measuring Social Norms about Female Labor Force Participation in Jordan (2019)

·       Tackling the Global Profitarchy: Gender and the Choice of Business Sector (2019)

·       The Economic Lives of Young Women in the Time of Ebola: Lessons from an Empowerment Program (2019)

·       What We Learn about Girls' Education from Interventions that Do Not Focus on Girls (2019)


·       A Gender-Sensitive Insight of Poverty Mapping for Timor-Leste (2019)

·       Africa's Pulse, No. 20, October 2019: An Analysis of Issues Shaping Africa’s Economic Future (2019)

·       Board Gender Diversity in ASEAN (2019)

·       Enhancing the Economic Participation of Vulnerable Young Women in Solomon Islands (2019)

·       Ethiopia Gender Diagnostic Report: Priorities for Promoting Equity (2019)

·       Gender Relations in Europe and Central Asia Results from the Life in Transition Survey III (2019)

·       How to Ensure Better Outcomes for Women in Resettlement (2019)

·       Kosovo Country Report: Findings from the Skills towards Employment and Productivity Survey (2019)

·       Profiting from Parity: Unlocking the Potential of Women's Business in Africa (2019)

·       Respectful Workplaces: Exploring the Costs of Bullying and Sexual Harassment to Businesses in Myanmar (2019)

·       Rural Accessibility Mapping: Completion Report for the East Asia and Pacific Umbrella Facility for Gender Equality (2019)

·       Tackling Care: The Business Case for Employer-Supported Childcare in Myanmar (2019)

·       The Problem Is They See Us as A Whole: Explaining Gender and Ethnicity-based Inequalities Among the Roma in Serbia (2019)

·       Unequal Ventures: Results from an Endline Study of Gender and Entrepreneurship in East Java, Indonesia (2019)

·       Using Behavioral Insights to Increase Safer Birth Deliveries in Haiti (2019)

·       Voices to Choices: Bangladesh's Journey in Women's Economic Empowerment (2019)

·       What Works for Working Women? Understanding Female Labor Force Participation in Urban Bangladesh (2019)

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2020