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BRIEF July 26, 2023

CPP Caravan in Toyama - Courtesy Visit to Mayor Fujii

2023 July_TDLC Courtesy Visit to Toyama Mayor

TDLC team made a courtesy visit to Mayor Hirohisa Fujii, City of Toyama on July 19, 2023. The team met with Mr. Shinji Honda, Senior Policy Administrator (Deputy Mayor), and his team to kick start the FY24 City Partnership Program activities between TDLC and City of Toyama. TDLC will visit 6 other CPP cities in July and August to prepare for the upcoming Technical Deep Dives, Operational Support, Outreach and Dissemination activities.


▶ Read more about Partnership and Collaboration with City of Toyama


2023 July_TDLC Courtesy Visit _Mayor Fujii and TDLC Chris Pablo
Chris Pablo, Team Lead of the Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) greets Mayor Hirohisa Fujii, City of Toyama (Photo: World Bank Group)