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Palestinian Partnership for Infrastructure Development MDTF

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The development objective of the Partnership for Infrastructure Development (PID) Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) is to improve the coverage, quality, and sustainability of infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza through financial and technical assistance to the Palestinian Authority for infrastructure development, related capacity building, and institutional development in the water, urban development, and energy sectors. 

It serves as an integral part of the co-financing channels to support the West Bank and Gaza (WB&G). 

  • The PID MDTF enables development partners to co-finance World Bank-funded investment operations in the water, urban & land, and energy sectors. 
  • A small share of the available funding is being allocated for technical assistance (TA) and analytical work implemented by the World Bank to underpin and strengthen sector policy.

the Partnership for Infrastructure Development (PID) Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF)



  • The PID MDTF complements other sources of funding, including:
  1.       Trust Fund for Gaza and the West Bank (TFGWB), which is the World Bank’s core financing vehicle. 
  2.       Palestinian Umbrella for Resilience Support to the Economy (PURSE) Multi-Donor Trust Fund.

End Disbursement Date: December 31, 2027


  • The World Bank
    The PID MDTF brings together the World Bank, donors, and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to address the priority development needs of the Palestinian people in the infrastructure sectors—water, urban/local government, land, and energy sectors.
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