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publication July 6, 2021

The Gaza 2021 Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment- June 2021


The Gaza 2021 Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment (RDNA) was jointly launched by the World Bank Group (WBG), the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) to estimate the total damage and losses incurred in Gaza following the latest conflict. Additionally, it seeks to estimate the immediate and short-term needs, respectively covering the period of 0-6 months and 6-24 months, in order to recover and rebuild the affected sectors. Accordingly, the ultimate goal of this RDNA is to inform the PA, the WBG and its partners, donors, and other stakeholders of the most urgent recovery and reconstruction needs. The RDNA will be presented and discussed at the technical Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) meeting scheduled for July 6, 2021 and thereafter at the ministerial level meeting in early autumn.