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Palestinian Umbrella for Resilience Support to the Economy (PURSE)

Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF)


Economic Monitoring Report to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee

Despite signs of recovery after the easing of COVID-related measures, the fiscal situation remains highly challenging due to the accumulation of large arrears and very low aid. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on the well-being of Palestinians.

Palestinian Territories' Economic Update — April 2022

The Palestinian economy was stagnant and the socio-economic situation already difficult prior to the breakout of COVID-19. This is attributed to restrictions on trade, movement and access, recurrent hostilities, internal divide, and falling aid inflows.

Sep 08, 2021

Palestinians Benefitting from Jobs and Training Despite COVID-19 Thanks to ...

The World Bank and partners launched its first employment-focused “Development Impact Bond” in the world in the Palestinian Territories to help people with job training and job placement.

Children in Beit Hanoun, Gaza.
The PURSE aims to provide a platform to harness Development Partners’, the World Bank’s, and the Palestinian Authority’s efforts to address development challenges and COVID-19 response at a strategic level.



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