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International Comparison Program


ICP COVID-19 Guidance Notes on prices, expenditures, and private education

A series of guidance notes assist countries with meeting ICP data requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. They address price data, expenditures, and private education data.


Purchasing Power Parities for Policy Making

This interactive visual guide illustrates how PPPs, price levels and other ICP results enable a wealth of indicators benefitting analysis and monitoring by national governments, policy makers, and other users.


ICP thematic methodology guides

Guides advise countries on how to achieve synergies between consumer price index (CPI) and ICP production processes and how to compile PPPs at the subnational level.


ICP at the UN World Data Forum 2021

Video presentation at the 2021 UN World Data Forum showcases the role of the ICP and the wide use of its data across the socioeconomic spectrum.


ICP Highlights

The ICP Highlights newsletter covers recent ICP events, governance meetings, results, publications, blogs, and uses of ICP data and purchasing power parities (PPPs).