ICP Reports

This section provides Reports of the ICP Results from each benchmark rounds/cycles. Please refer to the section of ICP Annual Reports of Activities for annual summary of activities of the program.

ICP 2011

ICP 2011 Global Report:

ICP 2011 Purchasing Power Parities and the Real Size of World Economies ( PDF | eBook | Printed )

The report includes the full set of detailed results and presents an in-depth analysis of volume and per capita measures with detailed information on methodology. It provides several indicators including purchasing power parities (PPPs), real expenditures, and price level indices for gross domestic product (GDP) and its main aggregates for 177 participating economies, and partial results for an additional 22 economies.


ICP 2011 Summary Report:

The Summary results and findings of the 2011 International Comparison Program  


ICP 2005

ICP 2005 Global Report:

Global Purchasing Power Parities and Real Expenditures: 2005 International Comparison Program

The final global ICP 2005 report provides information on GDP, GDP per capita, household consumption, collective government consumption, and capital formation for all 146 economies. These estimates are derived from PPPs based on national surveys that priced nearly 1,000 products and services. Comparative price levels are also included.

ICP 2005 Preliminary Report:

2005 International Comparison Program Preliminary Results


ICP 1993 and prior

ICP 1993 Global Report:

Purchasing Power of Currencies: Comparing National Incomes Using ICP Data

The report presents, in a uniform format, data on GDP expenditure details in national and international currency terms, and purchasing power of currency rates generated for 87 countries surveyed over 1970-1990. The report includes data tables: 1975, 1980, 1985, and 1990 with the estiamtion of expenditure details in national currencies for 55 countries for which ICP survey data were not available.

Reports from prior exercises:

World: Comparisons of Real GDP and Purchasing Power, 1985 (available on the UNSD website)

This publication makes available internationally comparable estimates of real GDP and its expenditure components of phase V of the ICP with the reference year 1985.

World Product and Income: International Comparisons of Real Gross Product, 1982 (by Irving Kravis, Alan Heston, and Robert Summers) 

This volume reports on the third phase of the ICP under the auspices of the United Nations. The main results provide comparisons of real GDP per capita for thirty-four countries in 1975. Quantity and price comparisons are given also for personal consumption, capital formation, and public consumption and further subdivisions of final expenditures on GDP are estimated.

International Comparisons of Real Product and Purchasing Power, 1978 (by Irving Kravis, Alan Heston, and Robert Summers) 

This Phase II report presented results for sixteen countries, including the original ten, for 1970 and 1973. 

A System of International Comparisons of Gross Product and Purchasing Power, 1975 (by Irving Kravis, Zoltan Kenessey, Alan Heston, and Robert Summers)

This Phase I report set out the methodology and gave 1967 results for six countries and 1970 comparisons for ten countries. 


Regional results

Interim (after 2011) regional results reports: CIS

ICP 2011 regional results reports: Africa | Asia and the Pacific | CIS | Eurostat |
Latin America and the Caribbean | OECD Western Asia

Interim (between 2005 and 2011) regional results reports: Africa | Asia and the Pacific | OECD

ICP 2005 regional results reports: Africa | Asia and the Pacific | Western Asia

ICP 1993 or prior regional results reports: Asia and the Pacific | OECD (19901985)