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Global Wildlife Program

Tools and Resources for Nature-Based Tourism – Second Edition



Guidance Note: Strengthening National-Level Donor and Development Partner Coordination to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade, June 2024

E-library: Countering Corruption In Wildlife Trade And Conservation, 2024

Report: Human-Wildlife Conflict: Global Policy and Perception Insights, November 2023

Report: Combating Wildlife Crime through Awareness-Raising, November 2023

Report: Reducing Maritime Trafficking of Wildlife, August 2023

Guidance Note: Lessons Learned in Conservation Technology – Data Collection, Processing, and Management, September 2023

E-library: Behavior Change for Wildlife Conservation, September 2023

Report:  Lesson-learning at the Global Wildlife Program National Project-level, July 2023 Annexes available here

Guidance Note: Lessons Learned in Connectivity Conservation, July 2023 | Spanish version available here

Report: GWP Annual Report 2022, July 2023
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Report: Tools and Resources for Nature-Based Tourism – Second Edition, December 2022

E-library: Nature-Based Tourism Tools and Resources Collection, December 2022

Report: Environmental and Natural Resource Crimes Risk Assessment Module, November 2022

Guidance Note: Lessons Learned and Good Practices in Strengthening National Inter-Agency Coordination to Combat Wildlife Trafficking, November 2022

E-library: Conservation Technology, October 2022

E-library: Ecological Corridors And Connectivity Resources Library, October 2022

Report: Assessing the Economic Impact of Tourism in Protected Areas on Local Economies in Zambia, January 2024

Report: Economic Impacts of Protected Area Tourism on Local Communities in Nepal, January 2024

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To Grow Strong, Grow Green| Spanish version | French version, May 2024

Following the money from environmental crimes – a call to action, March 2024

We can't have a livable planet without a healthy wildlife population, March 2024

Every win you have against evil is important, March 2023

Ranger power: Female community rangers help stamp out wildlife crime in Indonesia, March 2023

In Wildlife Conservation, Gender Equality Brings Win-Win Returns, February 2023

Protecting Biodiversity to Improve Economic Outcomes in Zambia, July 2022

Collaborative Management Partnerships: How PPPs Help Advance Conservation and Development in Africa, September 2021

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Feature Stories

Human-Wildlife Conflict: Global Policy and Perception Insights, November 2023

Enhancing ecological connectivity in the projects of the Amazon Sustainable Landscapes and Global Wildlife Programs, October 2022

Rats in Tanzania Help Fight the Illegal Wildlife Trade, September 2022

A Community of Wildlife Conservationists: Staying Engaged in Virtual Times,
March 2022

An Exploration of Endangered Wildlife and Their Ecosystems - World Wildlife Day 2022, March 2022

The 3 C’s Vital for Jaguar Conservation: Coordination, Connectivity, and Coexistence, November 2021 (Spanish version)

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Securing Wildlife and Trade: How Customs and companies in the East African Community join hands, November 2023

Money Trails Uncovered: Cracking down on wildlife crime through financial investigation,  November 2023

Capacity Building in Controlled Delivery Investigations: Collective action across borders to combat illegal wildlife trade,  November 2023

Joining Hands to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade through Ports: Voices from Eastern Africa on best practices and needs,  November 2023

Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade in Thailand, July 2022

Wildlife Conservation in the Republic of Congo, May 2022

Working Together for Wildlife, People and Economies | YouTube, April 2022

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The Global Wildlife Program, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and led by the World Bank, partners with governments of 38 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and ADB, CI, IUCN, UNDP, UNEP, WWF, CITES, CMS, TRAFFIC, WCS, WildAID.


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