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Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership: An Action Oriented Think Tank for the Water Sector

About Us

Water is vital for a livable planet. It is necessary for sustaining the ecosystem on which all life depends. With billions of people at risk, the global water crisis demands accelerated action. The Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership (GWSP) is a platform for collaboration and support of the water-related Sustainable Development Goals. It drives policy changes, builds capacity and enables the delivery of results at scale. As a center of excellence for water-related issues, GWSP is well positioned to help countries increase action on water. 

Over the last several years, GWSP has invested in a robust knowledge architecture, technical expertise, solutions, tools, and global and country diagnostics. Alongside our partners, GWSP supports and enables governments to develop solutions and scale up investment and impact for a water-secure world. Our work is critical for delivering the World Bank’s commitment to mobilizing and scaling up support for water through the Fast Track Water Security and Climate Adaptation Global Challenge Program.

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About the Partnership

The GWSP supports client governments to achieve the water-related Sustainable Development Goals through the generation of innovative global knowledge and the provision of country-level support.