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Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership: An Action Oriented Think Tank for the Water Sector

Where we work

As of 2023, GWSP's work informed World Bank projects worth 13.5 billion. In the same year, the World Bank projects provided access to water and or sanitation to nearly 30 million people, helped 2.79 million farmers adopt improved agricultural technology, provided nearly 2,560 schools and health centers with access to improved water and sanitation services, and created or strengthened about 5,160 water user associations.

Our achievements would not have been possible without the generous financial and advisory support of our partners.


Below are some examples of GWSP-supported projects across the world.



Map of GWSP-Supported Projects

This map contains GWSP-supported projects as well as active World Bank Water GP portfolio, along with the commitment amount for each country as of November 1, 2023.

GWSP supported projects by region


Project Name

P No.




Amount in USD

Utility Turnaround



To develop strategic tools and guidelines to improve operational performance of Water Security and Sanitation utilities in Ethiopia. 

Resilience Sustainability, Inclusion


Uganda Block C Water Supply and Sanitation



To provide technical assistance for development of Water Security and Sanitation systems and strengthening of Umbrella Authorities (UAs) service providers and extend catchment management and source protection plans considering floods management and productive water use. 

Inclusion, Institutions, Resilience


Nigeria Rural Water and Sanitation ProjectP170734NigeriaTo provide technical assistance to increase the access to Water Security and Sanitation services in selected poor rural areas of Nigeria through the consolidation of rural Water Security and Sanitation sector institutions and the provision of adequate infrastructure. Inclusion, Institutions, Resilience1645513.46
BITA Guarantee Implementation SupportP163610AngolaTo support the effectiveness of the Bita Water Supply Guarantee and implementation of the Bita Project for increasing access to potable water service in selected areas of Luanda. 




Support to the Planning, Water Resource Management and the Option Reforms in the Water Sector in MadagascarP174477MadagascarTo provide technical assistance to increase access to water in the Greater Antananarivo area and increase the efficiency of the state-owned electric utility and water services company. 




Support to Advance Citywide Inclusive Sanitation in NigeriaP170734NigeriaTo support and advance Citywide Inclusive Sanitation through institutional strengthening, project management support, and training and capacity-building activities. 



Support to Water Sector Activities in BeninP156738BeninTo support the implementation of a strategy to achieve universal access to basic water services in both urban and rural areas. 



Botswana Water Resources and Irrigation Sector AssessmentP160911BotswanaTo support analytical work under the Emergency Water Security and Efficiency Project to ensure sustainable water supply to selected drought-vulnerable areas. Institutions266361
Support Niger Water Security Platform ProjectP174414NigerTo support operational and policy engagements in the following areas: borehole infrastructure durability, rural water reform, implementation of citizen engagement activities (deployment of NGOs, trainings), and disruptive technology activities. Inclusion, Resilience560000
Agriculture and Climate AssessmentP176575MalawiTo assess opportunities for farm enterprises, that will manage blocks for commercial agriculture with the support of professional managers, to sustain water resources by using a range of water-efficient irrigation methods, provide guidance on development and contents of business plans, and develop knowledge on the management of agricultural blocks and resilient irrigation systems by the farm enterprises.  Sustainability, Institutions, Financing182000
Ethiopia Water SecurityP177763EthiopiaTo support the identification of water security risks and opportunities in Ethiopia with a special focus on Addis Abeba. Inclusion, Institutions, Financing, Resilience381111
Uganda: Sediment Management in Nyamwamba CatchmentP163782UgandaTo support the improvement of integrated water resources management by carrying out a detailed analysis of the sources and dynamics of sedimentation in the Nyamwamba catchment and recommending possible interventions to reduce its impact in the catchment.Institutions, Sustainability 100000
Malawi: Sediment Management in the Shire River BasinP167860MalawiTo support the documentation and evaluation of the impact of poor landscape management, erosion control, and sediment management and propose ways to address the documented problem. Additionally, the grant will allow for knowledge and experience sharing and bring expertise from the regional and global levels to Malawi. Sustainability100000
Citywide Inclusive Sanitation in EthiopiaP156433EthiopiaTo support increased access to sanitation services in urban areas by providing tools to the government to develop a strategic action plan for meeting their development objectives in sanitation service provision and supporting capacity building efforts.Sustainability and Resilience100000
Republic of Congo - Water and Sanitation Sector AssessmentP178614Congo, Republic ofTo inform the dialogue and discussion in the water supply and sanitation sectors with the view to identify potential areas of policy and investment support. Institutions, Financing50000
Strengthening Urban Water Security through Improved Sediment Management at Watershed LevelP178653MozambiqueTo support the identification and prioritization of sediment management activities, including watershed and landscape management, to be financed under the Mozambique Urban Water Security Project.  Planned activities will also support the transfer of knowledge to the Southern Region Water Administration and the National Directorate of Water Resources Management on sediment management and the identification of policy and institutional development.  Sustainability, Institutions, Resilience94000
Integrated Rural Water Management and LivelihoodsP119063GhanaTo provide technical assistnace to help broaden coverage and facilitating coverage to the under-served segments of the country's population in a more integrated and holistic approach for sustainable and resilient water resources management and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  service improvements. Resilience, Sustainability, Inclusion 120000
Field Level Leadership Support to Ghana Water Company LimitedP119063GhanaTo support implementation of Field-Level Leadership with the objective of improving institutional performance of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) by developing a broad cadre of field-level change leaders who can lead a positive transformation of the work culture of the agency.Institutions120000
Burkina Faso Water SecurityP177094Burkina FasoTo support finalizing assessment of the status and risks of 35 priority dams, sharing good international dam safety practices with authorities and finalizing preparation of the project (including the Project Implementation Manual). Sustainability, Resilience, Institutions360000
Promoting Sustainability in Water Services in AngolaP151224AngolaTo help inform the strategies led by the Provincial Urban Water Supply Providers (EPAS) in their effort to ensure operational and financial sustainability of water supply production and distribution of water supply, including those EPAS in the south of Angola that are operating in the provinces most affected by drought.Institutions, Sustainability175000
Burundi National Water Security DiagnosticP177146BurundiTo support diagnostic activities to help the government better understand water security at the national level, including for water supply, irrigation, and other productive uses. Resilience, Sustainability, Inclusion, Institutions120000
Advancing Rural and City Wide Inclusive in Democratic Republic of CongoP178389Congo, Democratic Republic ofTo prepare rapid diagnostics and capacity building to inform the design of sanitation interventions in four targeted provinces funder the new Multi-Phase Approach  for Water Security and Sanitation sector in Democratic Republic of Congo. The grant will also support technical assistance for the design of innovative fecal sludge management solutions in pilot perimeters of Kinshasa and Goma and/or Bukavu city as well as for national sanitation legislation.Sustainability, Financing, Inclusion, Institutions100000
Support to Water and Sanitation Sectoral Project in Mauritania PSEA (P167328)P167328MauritaniaTo enhance understanding of key sector institutions, particularly the policy and legal implications of the delegation of public services model and the promotion of gender initiatives.Institutions, Inclusion, Sustainability265000
South Sudan Preparation and Implementation Support for Food Risk and Water Supply and Sanitation OperationsP179169South SudanTo provide technical assistance and capacity building on water resource management and water-related risks for climate adaptation this will lead to more efficient water resource management, better water availability and quality monitoring, and more resilient infrastructure and inclusive processes.Sustainability, Inclusion, Institutions251111





About the Partnership

The GWSP supports client governments to achieve the water-related Sustainable Development Goals through the generation of innovative global knowledge and the provision of country-level support.