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Early Learning Partnership

Publications and Resources

Capacity Building

Resources related to the Early Years Fellowship, Engaging Policymakers in Early Childhood Program and other capacity building opportunities 

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Early Childhood in Fragile, Conflict and Violent (FCV) Contexts

Resources and publications focused on early childhood in fragile situations or with refugee populations

Early Learning Systems Research

Publications on how to improve quality, equity and cost effectiveness of early childhood education

ECD Measurement

Resources and publications on how to measure child development outcomes and the quality of early learning settings

Invest in Childcare

Resources and publications on investing in childcare to build human capital and promote women’s economic empowerment and support child development

Parenting and Adversity

Resources related to promoting parents and caregivers to support child development

Quality Early Learning

Recent publication and accompanying resources to deliver quality early learning in low- and middle-income countries


Resources to promote reading at home, increase parent engagement with children and boost literacy outcomes

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