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Statement June 5, 2020

New World Bank Notes Examine Impacts of COVID-19 on Fiscal Policy and the Financial, Private, and External Sectors in Western Balkans

Washington, June 05, 2020 – A new series of notes from the World Bank, looking at the impacts of COVID-19 on fiscal policy, the financial sector, the external sector, and the private sector, in the Western Balkans, is now available.

These notes complete the recently released Western Balkans Regular Economic Report (RER) #17 and accompanying Country Notes - launched on April 29 and May 29 - and show how the macroeconomic impact of COVID-19 is projected to impact the Western Balkans. This final group of notes highlight specific sector topics – fiscal, financial, and external sector policies and the private sector impact as reported by firms - that are critical for an adequate short and medium-term policy response to the impacts of COVID-19.

The latest notes are:

The complete Western Balkans RER #17 now provides a full picture of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Western Balkans and advises on how to design adequate macro, social, and sector-specific policy response options for the region in the short- and medium-term.

All reports are available at: