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Oil Gas Mining Portfolio
Practice Manager
Practice Manager
The AMGI aims to improve knowledge of Africa’s mineral endowment to underpin investment in exploration and mining development to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction in the region.
Gender in extractive industries
The gender team informs governments, mining companies, and key stakeholders about impacts of EI on men and women, and how to improve development and business outcomes by understanding these impacts.
Conflict in mining
Mineral revenues must tangibly benefit the people in resource-rich countries to reduce and eliminate conflict. Increasingly, there is the need to look at extractive industries through the lens of conflict prevention.
Small scale mining
Explore what the Bank does to promote sustainable livelihoods through artisanal and small-scale mining.
Governance of extractive industries (GOXI)
A space to share, learn and connect for action towards greater accountability and, in turn, better development outcomes of extractive industries.