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The World Bank Group Health and Safety Directorate's (HSD) Domestic Abuse Prevention Program provides services aimed at helping prevent the escalation of domestic abuse by focusing on early intervention and assistance for individuals who may already be impacted by an abusive relationship. The program is based in headquarters (Washington, DC) but serves all WBG staff, spouses/partners. These services include crisis management, advocacy, short term counseling, legal consultations and referrals to outside attorneys, educational services, and other support when appropriate. 

This page is designed to provide WBG staff and their spouses/partners with information on how to recognize and identify domestic abuse, how to protect oneself and loved ones, what help is available, and who to contact to get help.

DAPP Brochure: English | French | Spanish | Arabic | Russian | Portuguese

Computers can store a lot of private information: Such as emails, instant messages, browsing history, TTY calls, web-based purchased, etc. Try using a computer in a public library, at a trusted friend’s house, or an Internet café to find help.

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WED: 11/03/2021: DAPP Event: Healing Emotional Pain and Trauma through Movement - [Details]

THU: 11/18/2021: DAPP Event: A Call to Action - Engaging Men and Boys in Healthy Masculinities - [Details]

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