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2021 Trust Fund Annual Report

Lessons from the Umbrella 2.0 Transition


The transition to an IBRD/IDA trust fund portfolio based on Umbrella 2.0 Programs is an iterative process that began in fiscal year (FY) 2019 with a handful of pilot programs. These helped the World Bank to learn-by-doing and to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach in designing umbrella programs. Then the pilot phase gave way to the launch of full-fledged Umbrella 2.0 Programs so that 48 out of 72 planned programs have now been formally established. This compendium features nine recently established programs that are implementing the Umbrella 2.0 principles (Box 1), including governance arrangements, preferencing, results frameworks, reporting, and communications. It draws lessons from their implementation experiences that can help guide the continuing process of transitioning to Umbrella 2.0 Programs.

After discussing the origin and objectives of each of the nine programs, this compendium illustrates how the programs are aligned with World Bank Group’s green, resilient, inclusive development (GRID) approach and how each is applying the Umbrella 2.0 principles in practice.

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