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2021 Trust Fund Annual Report

Building Resilience Now and Into the Future

The World Bank Group’s COVID-19 crisis response has provided an opportunity to support a strong, durable recovery that tackles rising poverty and deepening inequality while addressing the longerterm challenge of climate change. The Bank Group’s green, resilient, and inclusive development approach, or GRID, calls for scaling up investments in all forms of capital—human, physical, natural, and social—to drive growth, create jobs, and contribute to a better future for all, especially vulnerable, low-income populations. Integrated, longer-horizon GRID strategies can repair the structural damage caused by COVID-19 and accelerate climate action while restoring momentum on poverty reduction and shared prosperity.

The World Bank Group is well positioned to help countries with the challenges ahead through its convening power, global reach, and capacity to mobilize finance, technical assistance, and knowledge for both the public and private sectors and in cooperation with its development partners. This clear line of sight forward points to progress already being made to strengthen resilience across systems and society.

More details on pages 35-50