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Blog May 11, 2021

The Potential of Phone-Based Assessments to Support Learning Continuity

Phone-based assessment help motivate improvements in learning assessment tools and strengthen resilient assessment practices that can cope with future shocks to education systems.

Book Apr 27, 2021

Primer on Large-Scale Assessments of Educational Achievement

The book aims to provide answers to questions about effective approaches to the design, implementation and use of large-scale assessments.

Blog Nov 23, 2020

Learning in the Time of COVID-19

The blog discusses how schools support learning and learning recovery.

Blog Jul 28, 2020

Examinations and High Stakes Decision Making in the Era of COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 and the social distancing measures, 90 percent of the world’s schools were forced to close. Ministries of education everywhere are rethinking how to make high stakes decisions about students’ futures.

Blog Jul 16, 2020

Moving High-Stakes Exams Online

Due to social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, governments, universities, and testing organizations around the world have had to decide whether or not to administer high-stakes examinations.

Blog Apr 27, 2020

Are Students Still Learning During COVID-19?

Formative assessment can help students to continue along their learning trajectory, providing them, their parents, and their teachers with necessary information to support the learning process.

Blog Apr 01, 2020

What is the Best Approach to High-Stakes School Exams During COVID-19?

As COVID-19 is forcing school closures and bans on group gatherings, many solutions and measures are being introduced for the exams that students have been preparing to take.

Conference Oct 17, 2019

Standardized Assessments Results to Improve Learning in Central America

The conference brought together policy makers and assessment officials from the six Central America countries and practitioners from Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

Oct 01, 2018

Using Early Grade Learning Assessments to Close Learning Gaps in Mongolia

Kazakh parents of the Bayannuur School students joined a meeting with the project team of Mongolia’s Education Quality and Reform Project to share their thoughts on their children’s learning needs and experiences.

Conference Apr 23, 2018

Using Large-Scale Assessments to Improve Teaching and Learning

The objective of the conference was to initiate a knowledge-sharing dialogue on assessment practices in basic education in the South Asia region, and to learn from countries’ experiences with using assessment data to improve teaching and learning.

Feature Story Mar 27, 2018

Improving Armenia's Unified Entrance Exam with Computer-Based Testing

The Unified Entrance Examination (UEE) plays a vital role in Armenia's education system. Currently, a READ grant is supporting the design and piloting of computer-based testing in mathematics, a core UEE subject.

Video Mar 28, 2018

Student Assessment Matters in Education

The video highlights the case of Armenia and how the READ Trust Fund Program supported efforts to improve student assessment systems and practices.

Feature Story Sep 28, 2017

Improving Assessment of Student Achievements in Vietnam

The project “Promoting Capacity for Fair, Aligned, and Effective Assessment” under the READ 2 TF program supports Vietnam in addressing quality and equity issues in education.

Student Assessment Jun 23, 2017

Kyrgyz Republic: Strengthening Student Assessment for Improved Learning

The Kyrgyz Republic plans to use their READ 2 grant to capitalize on the gains made under READ 1 and further enhance the country’s assessment capacity.

Video Mar 23, 2011

When Children Learn, Nations Prosper

Using stories from Colombia, Singapore and South Africa, this documentary highlights why learning matters and shows how these countries are ensuring that learning is taking place.


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