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Living Standards Measurement Study

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Our Work


Measuring and understanding household welfare to shape policies

The LSMS multi-purpose survey collects data on many dimensions of household and individual wellbeing to assess household welfare, understand household behavior and evaluate the effect of various government policies on the living conditions of people in low- and middle-income countries. LSMS data are publicly available and open access: the full datasets are available in the World Bank’s Microdata Catalog.


Survey Methods

Drawing on decades of implementation experience to define the future of household surveys

One of the distinctive features of the LSMS program is its focus on methodological development and innovation. Through rigorous methodological studies, the LSMS program works on improving the way we measure key constructs and looks at how to increase the added value of household surveys for data validation and improving other data sources. 


Capacity Building

Strengthening statistical capacity for better data

The LSMS team is committed to building technical capacity in partner countries to strengthen household survey systems and improve the quality and use of microdata. Aimed to both researchers and practitioners, LSMS training courses center on key aspects of household survey design, implementation, analysis and dissemination, with a focus on the measurement and monitoring of living standards.


Research and Analysis

Translating data into policy insights

LSMS data and analyses are used in a wide range of publications, from government reports to top-tier economics journals. Some of this policy-relevant research is carried out directly by LSMS team members and disseminated via peer-review research papers and journal articles; but, more importantly, the LSMS act as a catalyst for the work of other researchers, including those from our client countries.

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