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Living Standards Measurement Study

C4D2 Training Initiative

The C4D2-Training initiative provides statisticians in developing countries with specialized training in the collection, analysis, and use of household surveys and other microdata. The initiative aims to improve and harmonize the curricula of regional statistical training centers, facilitate the uptake of global standards and best practices in household survey design, create a network of household survey experts at the regional level, and promote harmonization across countries.

C4D2-Training organizes training courses, thematic workshops on specialized topics, as well as short courses and seminars held at regional statistical training facilities to maximize outreach and impact. One of its key elements is the International Training Week, a series of training courses on household surveys, held in Italy for select staff from the regional training centers, national statistical offices and central banks in client countries, focused on teaching best practices and tools in the design, collection, analysis, and dissemination of household surveys for policy, with a thematic focus on poverty and welfare analysis.


Recent trainings

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