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News Media Outlets - 2021

Source Title Author Date
WPS: Banking and Stock Exchange Excessive government influence and weak judicial system will hinder acceleration of GDP growth   20-Jul-21
The Hindu Online Tracing the decline of U.S. power Kishore Mahbubani 13-Jul-21
Financial Times Euro 2020: England expects — the long road back to a Wembley final Simon Kuper 09-Jul-21
IHS Global Insight Daily Analysis OECD Health Statistics hint at broad COVID-19-related effect on 2020 health spending   05-Jul-21
defenceWeb Slight deterioration in global peace index   29-Jun-21
Ghana MMA AfCFTA will create new opportunities for women   30-Jun-21
New Statesman How the G7’s economic power has diminished Nicu Calcea 11-Jun-21
Big Think These 1,000 hexagons show how global wealth is distributed Frank Jacobs 10-Jun-21
Forbes El Salvador To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender: A Milestone In Monetary History Avik Roy 07-Jun-21
Foreign Policy Exactly How Helpless Is Europe? Stephen M. Walt 21-May-21
The Economist Military spending: Buck for the bang   01-May-21
Livemint Could China’s digital renminbi pose the US dollar a challenge? Shehnaz Ahmed 28-Apr-21
Haaretz High Cost of Living Weighs on Israelis’ Quality of Life, IMF Data Shows Nati Tucker, Dafna Maor 28-Apr-21
China Daily Asia can lead global economic growth this century Colin Speakman 27-Apr-21
The Philippine Star Pandemic impacting purchasing power of people Elijah Felice Rosales 21-Apr-21
Prague Morning Czech Republic’s Economic Level Surpasses Spain, Portugal   20-Apr-21
The Himalayan Times Economic recovery Kaushal Joshi 20-Apr-21
The Rio Times Brazil’s GDP per capita 2020 slides in global comparison ranking Richard Mann 12-Apr-21
Dominican Today Learn the reasons why the Dominican Republic increased its Human Development Index   11-Apr-21
Khmer Times Help for low-income nations tops agenda at G20 meeting   09-Apr-21
IS Preview UK Ranks 78 Out of 230 Countries for Price of 1GB Mobile Data   09-Apr-21
The News Human Development Report 2020: Massive income inequality among rich and poor Mehtab Haider 07-Apr-21
The Rio Times Chile’s GDP per capita is highest in South America and will be first to reach US$30,000   06-Apr-21
Asia Times Is America weaker than China? Brandon J Weichert 01-Apr-21
The Korea Herald Thirty Years of the Southern Common Market   29-Mar-21
Hindustan Times How India can meet the China challenge Gautam Bambawale and Ajay Shah 27-Mar-21
Daily Sabah Golden jubilee: New prospect for Bangladesh-Turkey ties Masud Bin Momen 26-Mar-21
The Corner The IMF Will Come To The Rescue   26-Mar-21
The Telegraph Covid hits India’s middle class harder, swells poverty more than in China Paran Balakrishnan 26-Mar-21
Yahoo Finance India will be the world's third-largest economy by 2031, Bank of America projects   24-Mar-21
Financial Express India needs rapid growth to catch up with China   24-Mar-21
The Telegraph China has outsmarted, outworked and outsold America Dominic Green 23-Mar-21
Fortune The $15 minimum wage in 4 charts: How states and industries measure up across the U.S. Brian O'Keefe, Nicolas Rapp 18-Mar-21
Financial World Bitcoin nosedives after weekend record peak as India mulls a potential ban on cryptos Sourav D 16-Mar-21
The Nassau Guardian UN: Anaemic economy will slow attainment of 2030 SDGs   15-Mar-21
Jamaica Observer The lessons for Jamaica: Botched vaccine start, but we must get back in business   14-Mar-21
The Slovak Spectator Slovakia’s minimum wage might be actually worse than in Romania   11-Mar-21
Expensivity The Price of Happiness in Every Country James Arney 09-Mar-21
Deccan Herald Gita Gopinath feels India 'really stands out' in terms of vaccine policy   09-Mar-21
Interfax Ukraine Ukraine climbs 17 positions in Social Progress Index to 63rd place in 2020   06-Mar-21
Hankyoreh South Korea’s per capita GNI falls 1.1% in 2020   05-Mar-21
Daily Mail People with higher incomes are prouder, more confident and less afraid than people with low wages, study finds Jonathan Chadwick 04-Mar-21
China Daily China's poverty standards fit its situation, NPC spokesman says Li Lei 04-Mar-21
Newsweek As AOC Heralds Denmark McDonald's Minimum Wage, Here's How Much a Big Mac Costs There Ewan Palmer 03-Mar-21
Vietnam Net Vietnamese super-wealthy spend more on luxury items   27-Feb-21
Dhaka Tribune Where does Bangladesh stand on the poverty and inequality front after 50 years of independence? Jyoti Rahman 26-Feb-21
The Hindu China’s President hails ‘complete victory’ in poverty fight Ananth Krishnan 25-Feb-21
Caspian News Kazakhstan Pushes Ahead with Visa-Free Policy amid COVID-19 Pandemic Gaukhar Erubaeva 20-Feb-21
Qatar Tribune 34th issue of Qatar economic statistics report published   16-Feb-21
The Asean Post Tackling Indonesia’s Poverty With Palm Oil Try Ananto Wicaksono 16-Feb-21
Eurasia review Ayodhya: A New Dawn Of Communal Harmony In India? – Analysis Asif Rameez Daudi 15-Feb-21
The Economic Times Empowering Half of the Workforce David J Ranz 14-Feb-21
Vietnam Net Vietnam rises two places in Bloomberg innovative economy index   10-Feb-21
Forbes How America’s Minimum Wage Compares [Infographic] Niall McCarthy 09-Feb-21
Malaymail Hernan Corps’ durian products enter Japanese market   08-Feb-21
El PAIS Czech Republic overtakes Spain in GDP per capita Antonio Maqueda 08-Feb-21
Financial Times FT Global MBA ranking 2021: methodology and key   07-Feb-21
Financial Times Containing China is not a feasible option Martin Wolf 02-Feb-21
Financial World Mexican economy in 2020 suffers worst slump since 1930s Sourav D 01-Feb-21
The Guardian Decades of progress on extreme poverty now in reverse due to Covid   03-Feb-21
The Guardian We must diversify to exit recession Bayo Ogunmupe 29-Jan-21
Nhan Dan News Imprint of Vietnam's socio-economic development in past five years   29-Jan-21
The Kremlin Vladimir Putin, Davos 2021 speech - Kremlin transcript   27-Jan-21
Dhaka Tribune OP-ED: Our GDP has come a long way since its war-ravaged days Jyoti Rahman 24-Jan-21
Business Standard India among top 10 countries most affected by climate change: Germanwatch   25-Jan-21
The Washington Post Why Biden’s Minimum Wage Idea Is Old News for States Jordan Yadoo 20-Jan-21
The Sunday Mail US political meltdown hands China the advantage Kuda Bwititi 17-Jan-21
ASEAN today Malaysia missed its Vision 2020 goal of industrialization: What went wrong? Umair Jamal 16-Jan-21
Business Maverick A Year After Covid Began, China’s Economy Is Beating World   15-Jan-21
Africa Outlook Diversifying Nigeria Sean Galea-Pace 15-Jan-21
The Hindustan Times Commit to a decade of climate resilience Arunabha Ghosh 12-Jan-21
Vietnam Investment Review High hopes for 2021 as GDP goals defined   08-Jan-21
The Moscow Times Russia in 2021: Will the Economy Recover?   07-Jan-21
Financial Tribune Iran Economic Monitor for Fall: Weathering the Triple-Shock   06-Jan-21

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News Media Outlets - 2020

Source Title Author Date
Financial Express Geospatial Technologies for resilient India – 2021 and beyond Agendra Kumar 31-Dec-20
Dhaka Tribune Female participation in non-agri sector: Bangladesh better off than India, Pakistan Kamrul Hasan 22-Dec-20
The Jakarta Post Putting planet Earth into human development equation Sebastian Partogi 18-Dec-20
Deccan Herald India ranks 131 out of 189 countries in UN's human development index   16-Dec-20
Hindustan Times Extreme weather events impact 75% of India’s districts Jayashree Nandi 12-Dec-20
Daily Sabah Turkey reiterates will to further improve investment environment with additional reforms   07-Dec-20
Livemint Informal workers saw 22.6% fall in wages post covid-19: ILO Prashant K. Nanda 03-Dec-20
The Express Tribune Governance and service delivery Syed Akhtar Ali Shah 02-Dec-20
Nigerian Tribune Path To Nigeria’s Peace And Development Owolabi Oladejo 27-Nov-20
Times of India India vs Pakistan: A tale of two economies   27-Nov-20
Financial World Boston utility giant General Electric, Vietnamese firm ink power plant MoU Sourav D 23-Nov-20
China Banking News China’s Per Capita Income to Leap 56 Places in Global Rankings by 2025, Exceed USD$25,000   23-Nov-20
Saigon Online Vietnam among Asia-Pacific economies with fastest per-capita GDP rise: Bloomberg   20-Nov-20
Sunday Standard Soaring healthy food prices source of malnutrition   18-Nov-20
Financial World Asia Pacific nations sign the world’s biggest free trade bloc excluding United States Sourav D 16-Nov-20
Financial Tribune World Bank Places Iran Among Upper Middle-Income Economies   15-Nov-20
The Daily Star RCEP Agreement: Why it should concern Bangladesh? Mustafizur Rahman 15-Nov-20
South China Morning Post When people in the world’s 10 richest economies aren’t so well off, is GDP a meaningful measure? David Dodwell 14-Nov-20
The Jakarta Post Growing your digital presence in Indonesia starts here   12-Nov-20
Manila Standard Biden’s three themes Tony Lopez 11-Nov-20
Daily FT Developing a sensible stance on tobacco taxation   09-Nov-20
Financial World Bentonville’s Walmart, Google hit by India’s move to limit digital transaction volume Sourav D 08-Nov-20
The Economist Why is the idea of import substitution being revived?   07-Nov-20
The Atlantic The American System Is Broken David Frum 04-Nov-20
Prague Morning Czech Republic Surpasses Italy and Spain in GDP per Capita   30-Nov-20
Times Now China aims to make PLA on par with US military by 2027 – Is it possible? Shiv Nalapat 02-Nov-20
The Daily Star BECA, the Indo-Pacific bandwagon and Bangladesh   01-Nov-20
The Straits Times Asian Insider, Oct 30: Power shifts in Indo-Pacific; Umno factionalism diffuses pressure on Muhyiddin Arvind Jayaram 30-Oct-20
People's Daily Justin Yifu Lin: by 2030, China's GDP still has the potential to grow by 8% a year   30-Oct-20
Ghana Web Is Ghana sleepwalking into economic crisis? Jerry Monfant 28-Oct-20
The Quint India-US 2+2: Should India Worry About Focus Shifting from China?   27-Oct-20
The Daily Star What Bangladesh did right and India could not Eresh Omar Jamal 27-Oct-20
BBN Times Will China be caught in the middle-income trap? Timothy Taylor 26-Oct-20
The Sunday Guardian India needs to parry China after Galwan Subramanian Swamy 25-Oct-20
Business Mirror PHL food delegation joins biggest import expo trade fair in China   24-Oct-20
Manila Standard China is now the world’s largest economy Jonathan Dela Cruz 21-Oct-20
The Daily Star Why Bangladesh and India’s per capita GDP should not be compared Fahmida Khatun 19-Oct-20
Eurasian Times IMF Admits China Has Overtaken The US As The World’s Largest Economy; But Why Is The Media Silent?   18-Oct-20
The Messenger IMF: In 2021-25 Georgian economy will recover at highest rate in region Natalia Kochiashvili 15-Oct-20
The Wire IMF Says Bangladesh Is Set to Overtake India in Per Capita GDP. Here's Why   14-Oct-20
Financial Express India may pip Japan to become 3rd largest economy by 2050 after China, US   11-Oct-20
The Guardian NASS’ delay of PIB stirs anger Kingsley Jeremiah, Abuja 08-Oct-20
The Guardian Over 1.7b people require urgent treatment for NTDs globally Kehinde Olatunji, Stanley Akpunonu and Tosin Adams 07-Oct-20
New Vision Neglected tropical diseases cause the loss of 17 million healthy life years Jacky Achan 06-Oct-20
Vietnam Net The nation's "career" of today Tu Giang 05-Oct-20
Financial Times Why the world’s richest countries are not all rich Angus Deaton 05-Oct-20
Natural Gas World Indonesia takes steps forward in energy transition with the expansion of its LNG-to-power market Daniel Mallo 04-Oct-20
Manila Standard PH is Asia’s worst in pandemic management Tony Lopez 02-Oct-20
The Strait Times Poverty in East Asia, Pacific may rise due to pandemic: World Bank Charissa Yong 30-Sep-20
ASEAN Briefing Relocating Your Business Operations to Indonesia: A Guide for US Investors Ayman Falak Medina 29-Sep-20
The Malaysian Reserve World Bank lowers Malaysia’s 2020 growth forecast to -4.9% Bernama 29-Sep-20
Australian Trade Commission Innovation & skills: how Australia’s workforce stacks up in a global economy   25-Sep-20
China Global Television Network (CGTN) How China is championing climate change mitigation and poverty reduction Zhao Hong 19-Sep-20
The Economist Can you make money from the Big Mac index?   19-Sep-20
Business Mirror WB flags bad PHL services for kids' education, health Cai Ordinario 17-Sep-20
Eurasia Review Measuring Cost Of Living In Mexico And US – Analysis David Argente, Chang-Tai Hsieh and Munseob Lee 17-Sep-20
Warsaw Business Journal Poland ranks high in Responsible Development Index   16-Sep-20
The National UAE-Israel trade and investment prospects ‘exciting’ for both nations, economy minister says Sarmad Khan 15-Sep-20
The Economist The pandemic further weakens Latin America’s underperforming schools   12-Sep-20
Visual Capitalist Animated Map: The Comparative Might of Continents Iman Ghosh 11-Sep-20
Geographical Magazine The great energy divide: the inequality of consumption Jacob Dykes 11-Sep-20
The Washington Post Trump’s war on immigrants is hurting his fight against China Matthew Yglesias 10-Sep-20
BNN Bloomberg Russia’s Economy Doing Better in Pandemic Than Many Feared Anya Andrianova 08-Sep-20
RT News Russia Could Russia introduce universal basic income? Former President Medvedev, now leader of governing United Russia, supports idea Jonny Tickle 09-Sep-20
Jing Daily How China Is Taking Advantage of Its WTO Nation Status Adina- Laura Achim 05-Sep-20
The Financial Express Joint efforts crucial to diversify exportable products Shahiduzzaman Khan 05-Sep-20
Business Times Sinking US$ could hit European stock market's darlings   04-Sep-20
Financial World Australian economy reports steepest nosedive since 1930, first recession in 28 years Sourav D 04-Sep-20
News Day Zimbabwe Dual-listed counters to remain suspended Tatira Zwinoira 03-Sep-20
The National UAE and Israel look at business ties after milestone peace accord and historic flight   03-Sep-20
ISPreview UK UK vs EU – The 2020 Average Cost of Mobile Data Tariffs Compared   02-Sep-20
Financial World India’s economy contracts by 24% in Q2; current-quarter outlook shimmers Sourav D 02-Sep-20
Bernama Malaysia Still Lagging Behind Lee Heng Guie 02-Sep-20
Daily Sabah Turkey opens tech center, 40 factories in major Industry 4.0 move   30-Aug-20
Financial Review No need for buyer's remorse: realism key to Australia's engagement with China Geoff Raby 30-Aug-20
Starbroek News Guyana’s political future may very well lie in inclusive governance   30-Aug-20
Opinion Nigeria Politicians Advocate Comprehensive Review Of Constitution Kester Kenn Klomegah 29-Aug-20
American Association for the Advancement of Science China again boosts R&D spending by more than 10% Dennis Normille 28-Aug-20
The Japan Times U.S.-China confrontation not a replay of the Cold War Haruaki Deguchi 28-Aug-20
RT News Russia Merkel says Navalny & gas pipeline two 'separate' issues & Berlin won’t change policy towards Russia, important to 'keep talking' Michele Tantussi 28-Aug-20
The Jordan times Why all countries should contribute to ending global poverty Andy Sumner 26-Aug-20
The Forbes The Pandemic And The Importance Of Coordinated Information Systems: A Letter From Spain Enrique Dans 26-Aug-20
The Star Has Covid-19 hastened end of America era? Dr. Alex Awiti 25-Aug-20
The World University Rankings How Times Higher Education Ranks World Universities? THE World University Rankings 2021   24-Aug-20
The Cointelegraph Qatar’s National Solarized Fintech Strategy Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Selva Ozelli 23-Aug-20
All Africa West Africa: People's Sovereignty Versus Delegated Sovereignty - the Case of Ecowas Mediation of Malian Crisis Bola A. Akinterinwa 23-Aug-20
Fintech News Booming Indonesian Digital Finance Sector to See Revenues Reach US$8.6B by 2025   21-Aug-20
RT News Russia Abandoning Union State agreement with Russia would cost Belarus 25% of GDP, Lukashenko’s financial advisor warns opposition   19-Aug-20
The Wire Has the American Century Come to an End? Dilip Hiro 19-Aug-20
Fox News Biden vs. Trump on China — candidates' records lay out clear choice for voters Sen. Rick Scott 19-Aug-20
Financial World India to invest $1.46 trillion in infrastructures to lift pandemic-hit economy Sourav D 18-Aug-20
The Asset Emerging markets investing: cautious optimism Binay Chandgothia 17-Aug-20
China Daily Dual-cycle economic model to lift future world David Blair 17-Aug-20
The Citizen It’s The Economy, Stupid! Mohan Guruswamy 16-Aug-20
The Pioneer Changing scenario of Indian economy: 1947-2020 Brajesh Kumar Tiwari 16-Aug-20
Times of India 73 years of freedom: India has come quite far. But its tryst with destiny is still unrealised Pavan K Varma 15-Aug-20
Informed Comment No Longer Leader of the Free World: Trump Admin. Humiliated at UN over Iran Arms Embargo Juan Cole 15-Aug-20
Times Now 1947: India in numbers – What was the country’s GDP, population, per-capita income?   14-Aug-20

Dawn News

Ignoring colonism

Muhammad Khudadad Chattha


National Review

The Capital Letter: Week of August 10

Andrew Stuttaford


National Review Hanke’s World Inflation Update Steve. H. Hanke 11-Aug-20
112 International Minimum wage raise in Ukraine: Consequences for economy and living standards Bohdan Danylyshyn 11-Aug-20
Eurasia Review The Attack On Indigenous Rights In Brazil – OpEd Yanis Iqbal 11-Aug-20
Vanguard News China and the New Imperialism Obadiah Mailafia 10-Aug-20
Business Tech South Africa’s government employees are some of the best paid in the world: study   10-Aug-20
The Daily Star The “Frankenstein” and the new world order Brig Gen Shahedul Anam Khan 08-Aug-20
Sunday Guardian Vested interests crippling India’s medical devices R&D, impacting FDI Sunil Chacko 08-Aug-20
BBN Times The World Economy Through a PPP Lens Timothy Taylor 07-Aug-20
Washington Examiner Chinese and Russian military spending could actually exceed the US Jason Orestes 07-Aug-20
New Straits Times Asean in the era of Covid-19 Muhammad Shahrul Ikram Yaakob 07-Aug-20
Bussiness World Economic team cuts infrastructure budget   07-Aug-20
Financial Times BoE signals long route to recovery Delphine Strauss 06-Aug-20
Grainmart India China’s Economy Set to Overtake USA in 4 Years Gurneel Kaur 05-Aug-20
Independent Naira’s Futile, Last Ditch Battle Jerry Uwah 04-Aug-20
HR news World’s most popular expat destinations ranked on ‘liveability’ for Brits   04-Aug-20
Daily Mail UK The USA is the top destination for Britons looking to move abroad, followed by Canada and Spain Jennifer Newton 03-Aug-20
Forbes The WTO Struggles To Find New Leader; Gives Leadership To Four People Kenneth Rapoza 03-Aug-20
Total Croatia News Croatia Spends €1bn on Medicines Hina 02-Aug-20
The Hindu Should the government go easy on the telecom sector? K. Bharat Kumar 31-Jul-20
Forbes China Facing Strategy Of Containment In New Cold War Kenneth Rapoza 31-Jul-20
BBN Bloomberg The dollar's leading rivals all have their own drawbacks Garfield Reynolds 31-Jul-20
Business Mirror Temporary basic income for poor to cost PHL $10 billion – UN Cai Ordinario 31-Jul-20
GlobeNewswire The Asia Pacific bioactive wound management market is expected to reach US$ 676.54 million by 2027 from US$ 371.37 million in 2019 ReportLinker 28-Jul-20
The Hindu The majority cannot afford a balanced diet Madhura Swaminathan 28-Jul-20
Business Standard Country's pandemic growth rate fastest in world Sarah Farooqui 28-Jul-20
Pakistan and Gulf Economist Asian Economy: Overview, Growth & Development S. Kamal Hayder Kazmi 27-Jul-20
BNN Bloomberg Is the U.S. dollar at risk of losing reserve status? Larry Berman 24-Jul-20
Daily Times Leveraging technology to alleviate rising poverty in Pakistan Dr Izza Aftab/Ms Sadaf Akbar 23-Jul-20
The Daily Star The pandemic is the perfect time to consider a basic income scheme Sharmin Ahmed, Sadia Ahmed 22-Jul-20
News24 SA needs believable figures in its bid to build better future Tshidi Madia 22-Jul-20
Korea Biomedical Review Korea has enough medical devices but lacks workforce Kwak Sung-sun 22-Jul-20
The Moscow Times Russia Ditches Goal of Becoming Top 5 Economy   21-Jul-20
Inter Press Service News Agency Singaporeans Opt for Continuity in Polls: ‘Strong Mandate’ for Government, but ‘no Blank Cheque’! Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury 21-Jul-20
Asia Sentinel China Soft-Peddles US Rhetoric, Measures Toh Han Shih 21-Jul-20
South Asia Times Decline in global poverty is a farce perpetuated by World Bank’s Poverty Line Prabhat Patnaik 19-Jul-20
Spolight Nepal New Global Pandemonium Post Pandemic Binoj Basnyat 18-Jul-20
Arab News The advantages of being poor during COVID-19 pandemic Ian Inkster 17-Jul-20
The Economist How big is China’s economy? Let the Big Mac decide   15-Jul-20
Latvian Information agency (LETA) Global peacefulness has deteriorated over past year - Global Peace Index Anastasija Tetarenko 29-Jun-20
Gulf Today Hurdles on the path of economic recovery BRP Bhaskar 29-Jun-20
Warsaw Business Journal Poland once again among cheapest EU countries   29-Jun-20
Telegraph India Myopic vision Sunanda K. Datta-Ray 27-Jun-20
Times of India Covid-19 impedes implementation of National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications Jaideep Shenoy 27-Jun-20
Atlantic Council Just how happy are Iranians with their lives? Nadereh Chamlou 26-Jun-20
Hungary Today Hungarian Wages Rising for Years, but Still Lag behind in European Comparisons Péter Cseresnyés 26-Jun-20
Financial World New York's Fitch downgrades Canada's credit rating below “AAA” for the first time Sourav D 25-Jun-20
Asia Times The battle for Asia hegemony Ravi Kant 25-Jun-20
The Zimbabwe Daily Unions slam at Zimbabwean government Daniel Itai 25-Jun-20
Quartz These countries have the most expensive alcohol in the world Dan Kopf 25-Jun-20
The Article As we emerge from lockdown, should we be celebrating or lamenting? Daniel Johnson 24-Jun-20
Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, India Purchasing Power Parities and the size of Indian Economy: Results from the 2017 International Comparison Program   23-Jun-20
Financial World Russian Central Bank cuts benchmark interest rate to a record low of 4.5 per cent Sourav D 23-Jun-20
Economic Times India retains position as third largest economy in PPP, global actual Individual consumption, capital formation Kirtika Suneja 23-Jun-20
Action Forex Real effective rate of Azerbaijani manat reaches highest level despite pandemic Eldar Janashvili 23-Jun-20
Times Now India-China stand-off: Why New Delhi needs to pursue long-term economic goals Hena Nagpal 22-Jun-20
Bloomberg Austrians, Danes Pay More for Food Than Their EU Peers Zoe Schneeweiss 22-Jun-20
The Africa Report South Africa VS Coronavirus: Rand driven up by global risk appetite David Whitehouse 22-Jun-20
Serbina Monitor Individual household consumption in Serbia is 49% of the EU average Snezana Bjelotomic 22-Jun-20
Pgurus Dealing with China, an Indian perspective! Amit Kumar 21-Jun-20
All Africa Zimbabwe: 'US Dollar Allowance to Stimulate Economic Activity' Mthandazo Nyoni 19-Jun-20
The Economist China's poverty line is not as stingy as commentators think   19-Jun-20
Washington Post FAQ: What are India and China fighting over? Niha Masih and
Joanna Slater
Anadolu Agency Turkey's GDP per capita index down in 2019 Aysu Biçer 18-Jun-20 Minimum wage debate returns to Switzerland   18-Jun-20
Jakarta Post Can ASEAN achieve integration by 2025? Fazil Irwan Som 17-Jun-20
CGTN Pandemic could undermine stability, even in Europe: Think tank Bertram Niles 16-Jun-20
MacroBusiness India disappears into virus David Llewellyn-Smith 16-Jun-20
London Post Brexit Plus COVID – How is the GBP Alive Right Now?   15-Jun-20 Poverty and the pandemic in the Pacific Chris Hoy 15-Jun-20
RT Russia's post-pandemic economy: Pain for middle class, widening inequality, but rich will stay rich - experts tell RT Bryan MacDonald 14-Jun-20
The McGill International Review Underground Techno Raves in Singapore: a New Political Dawn for Disaffected Youth? Robin Vochelet 14-Jun-20
Quartz Which is the most expensive country in the world? Dan Kopf 13-Jun-20
Reuters Coming back to life: Euro bulls eye $1.20 and beyond Richard Pace, Saikat Chatterjee 12-Jun-20
The Hindu An unravelling of the Group of Seven Jayant Prasad 11-Jun-20
Forbes The State Of Global Peace In 2020 [Infographic] Niall McCarthy 11-Jun-20
Barron's Sterling Stages a Comeback. The Dollar's Weakness Is to Blame, Says UBS. Barbara Kollmeyer 11-Jun-20
The Australian Financial Review Australia's long courtship of India is bearing fruit Rory Medcalf 09-Jun-20
Bloomberg World Bank Sees EM Economies Shrinking for First Time Since 1960 Eric Martin 08-Jun-20
Financial World Canada posts surprise job gains in May; analysts say June could be even better Sourav D 08-Jun-20
The Financial Express BD Reinventing supply chain in the post-pandemic business world AZM Saif 08-Jun-20
Zimbabwe News “Low Salaries Presents A Dangerous Situation”: Teachers' Joint Statement   08-Jun-20
Eleven Myanmar Crossing the Rubicon on World Order Andrew Sheng 06-Jun-20
The News International Growing tensions Javid Husain 04-Jun-20
UPI Trump's G7 invitation to South Korea, Australia draws response from China Elizabeth Shim 02-Jun-20
Seeking Alpha How China Compares Internationally In New GDP Figures Jeffrey Frankel 01-Jun-20
Daily Excelsior Staggering Indian Economy   01-Jun-20
Independent Free COVID facemasks? Give me a break Andrew Mwenda 01-Jun-20
Modern Diplomacy The China Syndrome: The Rising And The Existing Power Arshad M. Khan 31-May-20
Live Trading News Hong Kong in Serious Trouble S. Jack Heffernan 30-May-20
Business Today Healthcare, Heal Thyself E Kumar Sharma 28-May-20
Independent Online OPINION: International Comparisons Program report sheds light Covid-19 Pali Lehohla 28-May-20
The Economist Eastern Europe's covid-19 recession could match its post-communist one   28-May-20
Outlook India India''s economy poised to bounce back after Covid-19: Investor Richman   27-May-20
Daily Mirror CTC says Sri Lanka most expensive country for legal cigarettes   27-May-20 Value-of-life economics Mujtaba Shahneel 27-May-20
Economic Times Uday Kotak wants world to 'hire Indians', says country capable of producing top-class human capital   27-May-20
Show House News UK construction costs amongst the most expensive in Europe Isla MacFarlane 27-May-20
Defense & Security Monitor China's Defense Budget Set to Grow at Slower Pace Daniel Darling 26-May-20
Market Watch The U.S. is in ‘relative decline’ as ‘Chinese power is rapidly rising,’ warns Ray Dalio Mark DeCambre 23-May-20
CGTN Over half of 2017's economic activity in low- and middle-income economies: World Bank   21-May-20
South China Morning Post China overtakes US as No 1 in buying power, but still clings to developing status Frank Tang 21-May-20
China Daily Nation viewed as key player in reformed global structure Andrew Moody 21-May-20
The Rakyat Post 60 Million People Expected To Fall Into Extreme Poverty Due To Covid-19 Pandemic Kirat Kaur 20-May-20
National Statistical Society of China Accomplishment of the International Comparison Program 2017   19-May-20
National Statistical Society of China The Executive Officer of the National Statistical Society of China Talking about the Results of ICP 2017   19-May-20
Mirage News New purchasing power parities show low- and middle-income economies account for half of global economy   19-May-20
The Daily Star A wake-up call for universal social protection Fahmida Khatun and Syed Yusuf Saadat 18-May-20
Business Mirror Covid-19: No common thread of success   18-May-20
The Manila Times Why some national health care systems do better than others Vladimir Popov 14-May-20
India Tribune UN welcomes India's Covid-19 stimulus package, slashes growth to 1.2% Arul Louis 13-May-20
The Japan Times Asia needs a megaphone Brad Glosserman 13-May-20
Korea IT Times Let Go of the Shadows and Move Forward HJ Kim 13-May-20
The Wire In South Asia, Lanka Leads and India Lags in Infrastructure, Medical Response to COVID-19 Deepankar Basu and Priyanka Srivastava 11-May-20
Financial World Brazil to flood economy with money in case of depression as rate cut shows response Sourav D 10-May-20
Business Insider India India's government debt could mount to 81% of GDP by 2024 even at the pre-COVID rate of growth, warns Moody’s Sriram Iyer 08-May-20
The Guardian Coronavirus is a crisis for the developing world, but here's why it needn't be a catastrophe Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee 06-May-20
Pakistan Today Electronic Yuan Hassan Aslam 04-May-20
Morocco World News Morocco 26th Strongest Among 66 Emerging Countries, 4th in Arab World Safaa Kasraoui 04-May-20
Forbes Money Is Still Pouring Out Of Emerging Markets, Except For China Kenneth Rapoza 28-Apr-20
The Korea Herald South Korea outstrips Japan in 2019 per capita GDP: OECD Kim Yon-se 28-Apr-20
The Asian Age Corona shock has laid bare the pretensions of Indians Anand K Sahay 26-Apr-20
IndraStra The Tip of the Iceberg for COVID-19 Cases in Developing Asia? Peter J. Morgan and Trinh Q. Long 20-Apr-20
Fortune Georgia’s staple cheesy bread is more than Instagram bait. It’s an economic indicator Naomi Tomky 18-Apr-20
Los Angeles Times Opinion: Understanding the US relationship with China   16-Apr-20
Social Europe EU-wide inequality is back to pre-crisis levels Michael Dauderstädt 15-Apr-20
Business Recorder Purchasing power parity: Package amount less than the money doled out previously: ex-FinMin Zaheer Abbasi 12-Apr-20
African Business Magazine Africa's death ratio lower than the West but higher than Asia Ian Inkster 10-Apr-20
Irish Tech News How Covid 19 has affected the stockmarkets, and what it might do to gold Barry McCarthy 06-Apr-20
News Ghana How Social, Economic And Corporate Landscapes Are Changing Amidst Covid-19 & 5G Myths Uchechukwu Ugboaja 06-Apr-20
International Policy Digest Understanding Djibouti's Significance for China's Naval Strategy Yacqub Ismail 06-Apr-20
Forbes How To Stop Coronavirus COVID-19 Collapsing Japan’s Economy Benjamin Laker 01-Apr-20
Nasdaq An Overview of China's Economy and How Coronavirus Affected It Prableen Bajpai 27-Mar-20
The Economist If you thought the trade war was bad for global commerce...   26-Mar-20
BBC News Five superpowers ruling the world in 2050 Lindsey Galloway 23-Mar-20
Yahoo Finance UK Global coronavirus spending overtakes financial crisis response Oscar Williams-Grut 19-Mar-20
Viet Nam News Improving productivity is shortest way to economic development   18-Mar-20
Foreign Affairs The Coronavirus Is Iran's Perfect Storm Djavad Salehi-Isfahani 18-Mar-20
Times Higher Education (THE) WUR 3.0: how we could broaden our measure of knowledge transfer Duncan Ross 13-Mar-20
Guardian Nigeria COVID-19 infects global financial markets   11-Mar-20
Reuters Breakingviews - Japan is stuck with curse of safe-haven yen Pete Sweeney 10-Mar-20
Romania-Insider Romania has widest regional economic disparity among EU states   06-Mar-20
Forbes Here's Why You Shouldn't Panic Over China's Factory Slowdown Frank Holmes 05-Mar-20
Total Slovenia News Western Slovenia's GDP Per Capita 105% EU Average, Eastern Only 72%   05-Mar-20
The Citizen Coronavirus Threatens Global Pandemic, Exposes Economic Vulnerability Anis Chowdhury & Jomo Kwame Sundaram 05-Mar-20
Forbes Twelve Years After 2008 The Playbook And Verbiage Is The Same By The Fed. Jeffrey Pavlik 04-Mar-20
Financial Times Warwick's online MBA leads FT ranking for third consecutive year Leo Cremonezi 01-Mar-20
The First News Poland home to “happiest” generation of Poles as country racks up strong economic growth figures Nick Westerby 29-Feb-20
Washington Post Minimum Wage Jordan Yadoo 28-Feb-20
San Antonio Express-News Taylor: Mexico beckons with its low prices and health care Michael Taylor 28-Feb-20
The Diplomat Will Climate Change Derail the 'Asian Century'? Andreas Unterstaller 26-Feb-20
Business Today India surpasses France, UK to become world's 5th largest economy: IMF   23-Feb-20
Anguilla LNT International Comparison Program ICP 2020, 3rd Round, Price Collection   21-Feb-20
Kyiv Post IMF: Ukraine needs to grow by 6% per year for 20 years to reach Poland   19-Feb-20
Deutsche Welle Could Poland catch up with Germany's economy? Jo Harper 19-Feb-20
The Straits Times Coronavirus' fallout for Hong Kong and Singapore Friedrich Wu 17-Feb-20
World Atlas When Did Bolivia Become A Democracy? Benjamin Sawe 14-Feb-20
Yahoo Finance How much money is Russia worth?   13-Feb-20
Estonian World Estonia’s minimum wage is some of the lowest in the EU Sten Hankewitz 12-Feb-20
Financial Times Britain could seal Asian trade deal by adopting a fresh attitude to palm oil Teresa Kok 11-Feb-20
Business Review Using FDI to upgrade Romania's exports Claudiu Vrinceanu 06-Feb-20
Eos China Challenges U.S. Science Dominance Randy Showstack 04-Feb-20
Asia Times Wuhan virus spreads to every region in China Gordon Watts 30-Jan-20
The Interpreter Coronavirus: One step forward, one step back for the global economy Roland Rajah 29-Jan-20
CNBC Global stock markets roiled as China's coronavirus spreads Elliot Smith 27-Jan-20
CNBC Nearly half a billion people globally struggle to work enough, says UN labor agency Vicky McKeever 23-Jan-20
EducationHQ Kiwi teachers earn less than the cost of living, but it's worse overseas   22-Jan-20
ISPreview Study Ranks UK 71st Cheapest in the World for Fixed Broadband   21-Jan-20
Forbes The Economic Debacle In Latin America Alejandro Chafuen 19-Jan-20
RT Merkel in Moscow: As Trump pushes his weight around, Russia-Germany relations defrost Bryan MacDonald 11-Jan-20
African Business Chief City Focus: Cairo Tom Lawson 10-Jan-20
Hungary Today Hungary Overtakes Poland in GDP Per Capita Péter Cseresnyés 09-Jan-20
The Korea Herald World Bank trims 2020 global growth forecast amid slow trade recovery Bae Hyunjung 09-Jan-20
Bloomberg Quint The IMF Leaves, But Greece's Rescue Isn't Over Leonid Bershidsky 08-Jan-20
The Times China seemed certain to be the world's No 1 economy . . . until now David Smith 08-Jan-20
Macau Business Stagnation until 2024 (IMF) João Paulo Meneses 08-Jan-20
Modern Diplomacy 2020 to be year of 'slowbalisation' for global economy   08-Jan-20
Gulf Business News Where is the Middle East headed in 2020 and beyond? Parag Khanna 07-Jan-20
Jakarta Post Literary culture as basis of human resources development Andre Notohamijoyo 06-Jan-20
Health News Today Increasing Healthcare Prices May Lead To a Major Public Health Crisis in US Soon Mariyam Tanveer 03-Jan-20
USA TODAY What do New York City and Iran have in common? Their economies are about the same size Samuel Stebbins 03-Jan-20
Dhaka Tribune Poor, old, and in need of help Atiya Rahman 02-Jan-20
Irish Times China's relentless growth path checked as stability replaces stimulus Peter Goff 02-Jan-20
Khmer Times Why Bangladesh should change its understanding of development Mir Aftabuddin Ahmed 02-Jan-20
Sputnik Which Past Predictions About Life in 2020 Came True?   01-Jan-20

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Academic and Other Outlets - 2021

Source Title Author Date
The Brookings Institution Transition paths towards better health outcomes in India: Optimizing the use of existing pooled government funds Tarun Khanna, Nachiket Mor, and Sandhya Venkateswaran 29-Jun-21
Generics and Biosimilars Initiative (GaBI) Prices for arthritis biologicals in Latin America   21-Jun-21
Project Syndicate Is the Asian Century Really Here? Lee Jong-Wha 01-Apr-21
Australian Trade Comission India primed for growth as Australia links deepen Ashley Brosnan 26-Mar-21
Center for Economic and Policy Research New York Times Debates When It Will Tell Readers that China Has the World’s Largest Economy Dean Baker 20-Mar-21
Pew Research Center The Pandemic Stalls Growth in the Global Middle Class, Pushes Poverty Up Sharply Rakesh Kochhar 18-Mar-21
The Heritage Foundation China Hikes Defense Budget Again as US Weighs Flatlining Pentagon Spending Frederico Bartels 15-Mar-21
Project-Syndicate The Struggle for Technology Sovereignty in Europe Hermann Hauser 12-Mar-21
PLOS One Costs of cancer attributable to excess body weight in the Brazilian public health system in 2018 Ronaldo Corrêa Ferreira da Silva et. al 11-Mar-21
NewEurope The need for Indo-EU cooperation to expand security in a new multilateral, geo-political situation Dr. P. Sekhar, Lena Deros, Sir Vassili Thomas 08-Mar-21
PLOS One Novel health system strategies for tuberculin skin testing at primary care clinics: Performance assessment and health economic evaluation Eva Van Ginderdeuren, Jean Bassett, Colleen F. Hanrahan, Lillian Mutunga, Annelies Van Rie 17-Feb-21
C.D. Howe Institute From Chronic to Acute: Canada’s Investment Crisis William B.P. Robson and Miles Wu 04-Feb-21
Hudson Institute A Discussion on the Defense Industrial Base with Government Leaders Bryan Clark 22-Jan-21
Project Syndicate The Year of the Renminbi? Arvind Subramanian,Josh Felman 19-Jan-21
Project Syndicate The BRICs at 20   13-Jan-21
Pakistan Observer Gender disparity & sustainability Sami Ullah 03-Jan-21

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Academic and Other Outlets - 2020

Source Title Author Date
Statistics Sweden Swedish households’ Actual Individual Consumption 7 percent above EU average   22-Dec-20
Husdon Institute Partnering in the Indo Pacific Aparna Pande & Liselotte Odgaard 16-Dec-20
Seeking Alpha U.S. And China: In The Foothills Of Cold War Vitaliy N. Katsenelson 14-Dec-20
Economic and Political Studies The impact of COVID-19 on ASEAN Terence Tai Leung Chong , Xiaoyang Li & Cornelia Yip 16-Nov-20
United States Department of Agriculture Opportunities for Health Food Exports in Japan   24-Nov-20
Seeking Alpha EWY: South Korean Equities Could Outperform U.S. Equities As The Global Economy Rebounds   28-Nov-20
Project Syndicate Putin's Flatlining Economy Sergei Guriev 05-Nov-20
Project Syndicate China Leads Again Stephen S. Roach 26-Oct-20
Valdai Discussion Club The New Bipolarity: Reason for Cautious Optimism Clifford Kupchan 21-Oct-20
Higher Education Research & Development The relentless price of high individualism in the pandemic Simon Marginson 22-Sep-20
The Cato Institute It’s Time to Dump Argentina’s Peso Steve H. Hanke 22-Sep-20
Nation of Change What comes after the “American Century”? C.K.Voltaire 15-Sep-20
Centre for Economic Policy Research Measuring the cost of living in Mexico and the US David Argente, Chang-Tai Hsieh, Munseob Lee 13-Sep-20
Seeking Alpha USD/JPY: Long-Term Bias Remains Bearish   12-Sep-20
Seeking Alpha EUR/CHF Could Continue To Rise Over The Long Term, But Near-Term Risks Warrant Hesitation   06-Sep-20
Mises Institute Industrialization and Free Trade Are the Way out of Poverty Eben Macdonald 02-Sep-20
International Centre for Investigative Reporting Are 90 million Nigerians living in extreme poverty? Olugbenga Adani 30-Aug-20
Project Syndicate Why All Countries Should Contribute to Ending Global Poverty Andy Sumner 26-Aug-20
Seeking Alpha GBP/USD Struggles To Break Higher As Brexit Risks Remain, While USD Appears Safer   24-Aug-20
The Heritage Foundation Economic Freedom Underpins Nordic Prosperity Ambassador Terry Miller, Anthony Kim 21-Aug-20
Seeking Alpha News Corp. Has Offered Value For Years, Now Several Catalysts Could Unlock It   21-Aug-20
Niskanen Center Quality of Government: A Statistical Portrait ED DOLAN 11-Aug-20
The Heritage Foundation What the “Defunding the Pentagon” Articles don't tell you Thomas Spoehr 28-Jul-20
The Cato Institute The U.S. Wants India as a Real Ally, Not Another Helpless Dependent Doug Bandow 26-Jul-20
Global Policy A Proposal for a New Universal Development Commitment Andy Sumner  Nilima Gulrajani  Myles Wickstead  Jonathan Glennie 26-Jul-20
US Department of Justice Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers Remarks on China Policy at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum William P. Barr 16-Jul-20
Observer Researcher Foundation Lend to mend the economy: Towards USD 5 trillion GDP Srinath Sridharan 13-Jul-20
Valdai Discussion Club The COVID-19 Epidemic: Consequences and Lessons Jacques Sapir 24-Jun-20
Fitch Ratings China's Structural Shift Towards Online Retail   21-Jun-20
Yusof Ishak Institute COVID-19: Balancing the Infection and the Misery Curves Jayant Menon 17-Jun-20
Project Syndicate How Europe Can Live with China Carl Bildt 17-Jun-20
Seeking Alpha Strategic Allocation To Innovation: A Comparison To Emerging Markets Renato Leggi 13-Jun-20
Brookings Institution An off-grid energy future requires learning from the past Jonathan Phillips, Gabriel Davies, and Victoria Plutshack 04-May-20
Cato Institute Three Reasons Why Immigrants Aren’t Going to Take Your Job Alex Nowrasteh 22-Apr-20
Seeking Alpha EM Debt: Looking Through The Challenges William Blair 15-Apr-20
The Interpreter Book review: The Indo-Pacific contest John West 13-Apr-20
Observer Research Foundation COVID19 impact on India to be more than $40.9 billion in first quarter Abhijit Mukhopadhyay 13-Apr-20
International Policy Digest COVID-19: Lessons for the Global South Ian Inkster 13-Apr-20
YaleGlobal Online COVID-19: Quality Shock to Globalization Stephen Roach 03-Mar-20
East Asia Forum India and Australia: same bed, different dreams   03-Feb-20
Yale Insights Coronavirus Could Hobble Chinese Economy at a Precarious Moment Stephen Roach 31-Jan-20
IEEE Spectrum Electricity: It's Wonderfully Affordable, But it's No Longer Getting Any Cheaper Vaclav Smil 29-Jan-20
Times Higher Education WUR 3.0: how we could measure cross-disciplinary research Duncan Ross 23-Jan-20
Nasdaq The 5 Largest Economies In The World And Their Growth In 2020 Prableen Bajpai 22-Jan-20
International Labour Organization (ILO) Insufficient paid work affects almost half a billion people, new ILO report shows   20-Jan-20
International Policy Digest New Year for China but Debt will Cloud Celebrations Tom Clifford 20-Jan-20
East Asia Forum Indonesia — globally underestimated, domestically under potential   13-Jan-20
YaleGlobal Online Putin at 20 Thomas Graham 09-Jan-20
Seeking Alpha Russia: Growing Again Maximilian Magnacca Sancho 03-Jan-20

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