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News Media; Academic and Other Outlets - 2015

Source Title Author Date
The Economist Ebola in graphics: The toll of a tragedy The Data Team 30-Dec-15
allAfrica Ethiopia: Flaws of GDP-Based Economic Debate n/a 28-Dec-15
Financial Times Developed economies start year at widely differing stages of recovery stages Keith Fray 27-Dec-15
Barron's Niall Ferguson Takes on the World Vito J. Racanelli 26-Dec-15
Bloomberg JPMorgan Says Japan Inc. Must Prepare for Yen Below 100 a Dollar Kevin Buckland and Kazumi Miura 23-Dec-15
Quartz India'€™s middle class is almost impossible to define Research Unit for Political Economy 22-Dec-15
The Economist World GDP n/a 19-Dec-15
Hindu Business Line Can India build an aspirational brand? Pranav Thakkar 17-Dec-15
Hindu Business Line Decoding Policy Games Yoginder Kalagh 17-Dec-15
The Economic Times RBI may lower repo rate by 25-50 basis points in 2016: ET Poll Saikat Das and Atmadip Ray 17-Dec-15
LiveMint Reasons to invest in health: an OECD perspective Stefan Kapferer 17-Dec-15
Himalayan Times Nepal'€™s HDI ranking improves moderately to 145: UN n/a 16-Dec-15
Gulf Times Great expectations for the Chinese renminbi Zhang Jun 16-Dec-15
Financial Times Celebrate the rise of flawed, febrile China David Pilling 16-Dec-15
The Hindu Splendid decade, but miles to go n/a 16-Dec-15
The Huffington Post Blog Most Vulnerable Nations Looking to International System but also to Self-Help: Uncertain Paris Accord Will Offer Them an Ambitious Agreement and Codifies Loss and Damage Todd Eisenstadt 15-Dec-15
The Wire Inequality Pulls India'€™s Human Development Score Down Anuj Srivas 15-Dec-15
The Indian Express How deep is India'€™s poverty? C. Rangarajan and S. Mahendra Dev 15-Dec-15
Business Standard India ranks 130th out of 188 on Human Development Index in 2014 BS Reporter 15-Dec-15
Shanghai Daily Has S. Korea learned Japanese lessons? Lee Jong-Wha 15-Dec-15
Foreign Affairs The Burger Inequality Index n/a 14-Dec-15
The Express Tribune Pakistan bears the worst of climate change effects Tehreem Husain 14-Dec-15
Economic Times Emerging markets to receive $440 bn in remittances this year PTI 14-Dec-15
The Economist Leaving it behind n/a 12-Dec-15
The Economist School for frugal innovation n/a 12-Dec-15
Bloomberg Argentina's Long, Long History of Underperformance Justin Fox 10-Dec-15
Foreign Policy Argentina's New President Wants to Change the Way Latin America Does Business Jason Marczak, Peter S. Rashish 10-Dec-15
Business Standard The yuan's long march AV Rajwade 9-Dec-15
CityMetric Staff Which cities have the world's richest workers and how can you use fast food to prove it? CityMetric Staff 8-Dec-15
The Market Mogul China's economic progress at a crossroad Alexander Baxmann 8-Dec-15
Jakarta Globe Make Profitable Business By Importing From China Corporate Updates 7-Dec-15
Financial Times Key to the European Business School ranking 2015 Laurent Ortmans 6-Dec-15
Deutsche Welle COP21: Can India reconcile growth and environment? Gabriel Dominguez 4-Dec-15
The Wall Street Journal Greg Ip: As the Euro Nudges Up, Could U.S. Inflation Be Next? Greg IP 3-Dec-15
East Asia Forum Towards a better country-specific measure of poverty Rati Ram 3-Dec-15
Business Times IMF inclusion of yuan as SDR unit draws mixed reaction Anthony Rowley 2-Dec-15
Financial Times India'€™s headline GDP growth disguises problems below the surface David Pilling 2-Dec-15
Radio Free Asia Laos Touts 40 Years of Stability, but Critics Decry Debt, Corruption and Poverty n/a 2-Dec-15
The Irish Times Revenue may collect student loans under proposed scheme Carl O'Brien 27-Nov-15
The Week What Argentina's big election really means Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry 24-Nov-15
The Wall Street Journal For Poor Countries, Well-Worn Path to Development Turns Rocky Raymond Zhong 24-Nov-15
CNBCAfrica The Truth About Africa's Rising Middle Class Razia Khan 18-Nov-15
The Economic Times Inflation completely under control in India: CEA Arvind Subramanian PTI 18-Nov-15
LiveMint Is South Korea turning Japanese? Lee-Jong Wha 18-Nov-15
Outlook India Indian Manufacturing Needs To Be More Competitive: Arvind Subaramanian Arushi Bedi 18-Nov-15
Politico Russia cooks its defense books Paul R. Gregory 17-Nov-15
The Guardian ILO reports dramatic global drop in number of working poor Kate Allen 17-Nov-15
Scotsman Stats little comfort in age of inequality Bill Jamieson 15-Nov-15
The Economic Times BRICS for building responsive, inclusive, collective solutions: PM Modi PTI 15-Nov-15
The Economist The never-ending story n/a 14-Nov-15
The Globe and Mail Canadian dollar is 'carving out a bottom' (but it's not there yet) Michael Babad 13-Nov-15
Fox Business The Next U.S. President and the Pentagon'€™s $610 Billion Budget Larry Korb 10-Nov-15
Gulf News A trade pact that holds transformational power Yuriko Koike 7-Nov-15
The Japan Times How the TPP can transform Japan'€™s economy Yuriko Koike 3-Nov-15
The Hoya Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight. Rohan Shridhar 2-Nov-15
allAfrica Zimbabwe: Zim - Politics and the Struggling Economy Noel T. Ngangira 2-Nov-15
Montreal Gazette Low Canadian dollar shouldn't impede investing in U.S. stocks Francois Rochon 2-Nov-15
The Economist A tale of three countries n/a 31-Oct-15
The Economist Ham-fisted Handouts n/a 31-Oct-15
allAfrica South Africa: Why the Rand Should Be R10.05/U.S.$ and Won't Be Anytime Soon n/a 30-Oct-15
Bloomberg Business New Government's Majority Shouldn't Sink the Zloty Mark Cudmore 28-Oct-15
Forbes A Lesson For Japan And China From The Year 1985 Masazumi Wakatabe 28-Oct-15
allAfrica Ethiopia: Flourishing Roads Construction - Ending the Isolation of Rural Ethiopia At a Historic Pace Mareshet Abera 28-Oct-15
Newsweek More U.S. Jets Won'€™t Solve Pakistan'€™s Crippling Woes Alyssa Ayres 28-Oct-15
The Japan Times New Government's Majority Shouldn't Sink the Zloty Kevin Rafferty 26-Oct-15
Forbes The U.S. Is The Third Lowest Health Spender Of 13 Developed Countries John Graham 26-Oct-15
Quartz Why India is rolling out the red carpet for all 54 African countries Mohan Guruswamy 25-Oct-15
Asia Times China'€™s middle class is bigger than US Asia Unhedged 21-Oct-15
Les Echos Global poverty, a very underestimated phenomenon Francois Bourguignon 15-Oct-15
The National Interest 45 Trillion Reasons Why China Can't Challenge America'€™s Economic Might Derek M. Scissors 15-Oct-15
Huffington Post The Richer Poverty Line Magdy Martinez-Soliman 13-Oct-15
LiveMint Middle class wealth up 150% in India since 2000: report n/a 13-Oct-15
The Tribune(India) Reducing global poverty the World Bank way S. Subramanian 12-Oct-15
Financial Express Measuring poverty: Is it true that the number of poor people in the world has dipped to less than 1 billion? Subhomoy Bhattacharjee 12-Oct-15
The Economist The tricky work of measuring falling global poverty n/a 12-Oct-15
Vox Why the World Bank is changing the definition of the word "poor" Charles Kenny and Justin Sandefur 7-Oct-15
Business Standard Subir Roy: Is it a serious climate pledge? Subir Roy 6-Oct-15
Huffington Post Exciting Poverty News, But Gap Still Remains Pierre Ferrari 6-Oct-15
The Economic Times World's 'extremely poor' to fall below 10% of population for first time: World Bank ET Bureau 6-Oct-15
Kuwait News Agency World Bank predicts global poverty rate to drop by 3.2 percent this year n/a 5-Oct-15
Washington Examiner World Bank predicts global poverty to drop below 10 percent for first time Daniel Chaitin 4-Oct-15
Yahoo! News World's 'extremely poor' to fall below 10 percent of global population: World Bank Sebastien Malo 4-Oct-15
Buzzfeed News For The First Time, Extreme Poverty Will Fall Below 10% Of The World'€™s Population David Mack 4-Oct-15
International Business Times Global Poverty To Fall Below 10 Percent By End Of 2015 For First Time, World Bank Says Thomas Barrabi 4-Oct-15
Huffington Post Global Poverty Will Hit New Low This Year, World Bank Says Lydia O'Connor 4-Oct-15
Financial Times Extreme poverty '€˜down by a quarter'€™ since 2012 Shawn Donnan 4-Oct-15
allAfrica.com (reposted from Institute for Security Studies) Africa: Getting to Zero On Poverty in Africa Jakkie Cilliers 2-Oct-15
The Hindu Congress says PM got it wrong on GDP Puja Mehra, Mehboob Jeelani 29-Sep-15
Financial Times Poverty: Vulnerable to change Shawn Donnan 23-Sep-15
New Era The richest countries in the world Windhoek 23-Sep-15
Financial Times Earth'€™s poor set to swell as World Bank moves poverty line Shawn Donnan 23-Sep-15
The Economist The innovation game L.S. & The Data Team 17-Sep-15
New York Times Lawrence Summers to Join Board of '€˜Hyperdata'€™ Start-Up Michael J. de la Merced 15-Jul-15
Inside Story China already number one, says the IMF Tim Colebatch 10-Jul-15
U.S. News & World Report World Poverty Drops, With China Leading the Way Lindsey Cook 10-Jul-15
Financial Times Data point to poorer global middle class Shawn Donnan, Sam Fleming 8-Jul-15
The Jakarta Post RI To Break Into Global Top 10 By 2050: Think Tank n/a 24-Jun-15
Business Insider Australia One chart showing all the world's countries ranked by how big and rich they are Mike Bird 26-Feb-15
Vanity Fair The Chinese Century Joseph E. Stiglitz 1-Jan-15

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News Media; Academic and Other Outlets - 2014

Source Title Author Date
Fansided China Overtakes US As World's Largest Economy CM Towle 29-Dec-14
Seeking Alpha The Dollar's Run May Just Be Getting Started Eric Bush 2-Dec-14
The Indian Express World Bank isn't telling it like it is Surjit S Bhalla 11-Oct-14
Vox The World Bank summed up the entire global economy in one chart Matthew Yglesias 10-Aug-14
Business Standard Not as poor? New World Bank data could skew poverty debate n/a 7-Aug-14
Financial Times IMF voting needs change whatever the measure Richard N Cooper 20-Jul-14
The Jakarta Post Inequality, Indonesia's unfinished business Mickael Bobby Hoelman 10-Jun-14
The Financial Express BD poverty rate set to drop as economy crosses $400 mark Jasim Uddin Haroon 20-May-14
The New York Times: NYT Opinion Pages China Isn't Overtaking America Michael A. Levi 13-May-14
CNN: Glopal Public Square Is China really about to overtake the U.S.? Fareed Zakaria 12-May-14
Financial Times World Bank eyes biggest global poverty line increase in decades Shawn Donnan 9-May-14
Wall Street Journal China Doesn't Want Its Economy to Be No. 1 Mark Magnier 6-May-14
China Daily Pulling ahead in purchasing power Mike Bastin 6-May-14
The Economist Measuring GDP - The dragon takes wing n/a 3-May-14
The Atlantic The China Story You Should Pay Attention to, and the One You Should Ignore James Fallows 1-May-14
The Washington Post China rejects sign it may soon be No. 1 economy n/a 30-Apr-14
The Wall Street Journal China's Economy Surpassing U.S.? Well, Yes and No Tom Wright 30-Apr-14
The New York Times By One Measure, China Set to Become Largest Economy Michael Forsythe and Neil Gough 30-Apr-14
The Economist: Daily chart Crowning the dragon: China will become the world's largest economy by the end of the year J.M.F. and L.P. 30-Apr-14
Le Monde.fr La Banque mondiale publie son classement des économies n/a 30-Apr-14
Financial Times Blog Global economic inequality falls sharply, says World Bank James Kynge 30-Apr-14
Financial Times - Q & A China overtakes the US: your questions answered Chris Giles 30-Apr-14
Financial Times China poised to pass US as world's leading economic power this year Chris Giles 30-Apr-14
Europe 1 L'économie chinoise va détrôner celle des Etats-Unis dès 2014 Anne-Julie Contenay 30-Apr-14
CNN Money China's economy bigger than believed, new study claims Charles Riley 30-Apr-14
Bloomberg China May Be Biggest Economy, But Not the Best William Pesek 30-Apr-14
BCC News Is China about to overtake US as the world's largest economy? Linda Yueh 30-Apr-14
Reuters: Business & Financial News Switzerland, Norway are world's most expensive economies Krista Hughes 29-Apr-14
Bloomberg News China Set to Overtake U.S. as Biggest Economy Using PPP Measure Bloomberg News (Kevin Hamlin. Editor: Paul Panckhurst. Rina Chandran) 29-Apr-14
AllAfrica.com Afrique: Publication des résultats sommaires du Programme de comparaison internationale 2011 - le rapport compare la taille réelle des économies mondiales n/a 29-Apr-14