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News Flash

Our Annual Report is now live - read it in full here!

FS2030 is now in an exciting phase of working with countries to help them progress on implementing important reforms. The Trust Fund recently awarded Bangladesh, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar with implementation support grants totalling $75 million. The grants will finance the design and implementation of activities to repurpose public policy and expenditure programs and scale them up through World Bank operations.

  • In Bangladesh, current support in the form of fertilizer subsidies will be repurposed and delivered as direct support to farmers through a new e-voucher system, complemented by critical services.  The program aims to scale up these changes to eventually repurpose the current Fertilizer Subsidy Program of over US$2 billion.
  • In Ghana, the existing agricultural public subsidy program will be reoriented towards a private sector-driven and digital platform-based inputs support delivery mechanism to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public expenditure in the sector. The innovative biometric e-Agric system will be scaled up and bundled services will be provided through the digital platform.


The Global Food and Nutrition Security Dashboard, a key output of the Global Alliance for Food Security, now incorporates data from the Global Report on Food Crises 2023, complete with interactive maps.


With a new contribution from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands of $22 million, Food Systems 2030 will increase preparedness against food insecurity and improve the resilience of food systems in West Africa, where 82 million people work in the agriculture and food sector. West Africa is one of the world’s most vulnerable regions, with frequent and worsening food crises. 16.7 million West Africans require immediate food assistance. The program builds on the World Bank’s strong focus on the Sahel region: including its $5.6 billion commitment to the Great Green Wall and its support to implement climate-smart policies and programs in 20 countries, designed to scale up integrated landscape approaches.


News and Events


COP28 Event at the World Bank Pavilion: Recipe for a Livable Planet: Achieving Net Zero Emissions in the Agrifood System -  December 10, 2023 14:00 GST

GFFA Expert Panel: Stepping up Cliamte Action to Achieve Zero Hunger - January 19, 2024 09:30-11 am CET 


AGRF (Africa Food Systems Forum) 2023, Tanzania

UN Food Systems Summit Stocktake Moment 2023 

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2023: sessions on Redirecting Agriculture Policies and Support to Address Climate Change; Data and Digital as Enabler for Circular Agri-Food Systems and Animal Health: A Substantive Input to the Transformation of Food Systems Through the One Health Approach

World Bank Live at CoP27: Delivering Climate Action as We Feed the World

AGRF Summit, 2022: Geeta Sethi, Food Systems Lead on Leadership, Finance & Accountability: Advancing National Food Systems’ Pathways

World Food Summit: Martien van Nieuwkoop, Global Director (30 mins in)

Policy Seminar: World Bank and IFPRI: Can agricultural policies deliver better value for money for people, the planet, and the economy?

African CDC

NYT Climate Hub

Scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies in Africa, COP26




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Clare Murphy-McGreevey
External Affairs Officer