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Debt & Fiscal Risks Toolkit

The World Bank Group helps countries manage public debt and fiscal risks effectively. We offer a specific set of tools and reports to help countries balance the need for financing development while minimizing costs and risk.

About the Toolkit

Effective public debt management is the cornerstone of financial stability and sustainable fiscal policy. A government's debt portfolio is often the largest in the country and can generate substantial risk to its balance sheet, with potential to undermine key development objectives. Debt managers around the world must therefore find a balance between borrowing to finance the government needs while keeping costs and risks low. 

This toolkit provides a one-stop shop for public debt managers seeking guidance on how to assess, report and reform debt strategies in their countries. Specifically, the toolkit provides information and practical guidance on several products related to the management of debt and fiscal risks:

  • The World Bank and IMF Debt Sustainability Framework (DSF)
  • Debt Sustainability Analyses (DSA)
  • Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA)
  • Medium-Term Debt Strategies (MTDS)
  • Fiscal Risk
  • Training, events and publications on debt management

Trust Funds

Two trust funds take the lead in delivering in-country training to debt managers. The Debt Management Facility (DMF) and the Goverment Debt & Risk Management Program (GDRM) both work with client countries to increase their capacity in the area of public debt management.

Trust Fund

Debt Management Facility

The DMF is a multi-donor trust fund that supports the World Bank Group's debt management work in low-income countries.

Trust Fund

Government Debt and Risk Management Program

The GDRM program assists countries in developing sustainable debt and risk management frameworks to reduce vulnerability to financial shocks.

Featured Report

Debt Transparency in Developing Economies

A new report marks the first comprehensive assessment of the global and national systems for monitoring sovereign debt.


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Find news and research from across the World Bank Group on debt.
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Debt Transparency

Domestic Debt Securities Heat Map

How transparent are IDA countries when issuing debt? This heat map tracks transparency across five main indicators.
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Client Perspectives


Solarizing Peru: Supporting Local Currency Debt Market Development

The Peruvian government partnered with the World Bank to improve the issuance framework for government securities, for lowering cost and risk of public borrowing, through building a deep and liquid domestic market.
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The DMF and Sri Lanka

Yasantha Weerasinghe, Deputy Superintendent in the Public Debt Department in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, explains how the DMF is working with Sri Lanka to improve debt management.
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Colombia: A Sound Debt Management Framework

What makes an engagement impactful? Alessandro Scipioni, former resident Advisor to Colombia, World Bank Treasury’s Government Debt and Risk Management Program, talks about the partnership and the elements that makes the program deliver sustainable outcomes.
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The DMF and Georgia

Irakli Katcharava, Head of Domestic Public Debt Instruments Development Division in Georgia's Ministry of Finance, discusses how the DMF and Georgia are working together to improve debt management.
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