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Europe and Central Asia | Governance

Regional Programs



The Public Expenditure Management Peer Assisted Learning network (PEMPAL) facilitates exchange of professional experience and knowledge transfer among public finance management (PFM) practitioners across the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) countries. The network aims to contribute to strengthening PFM practices in the member countries through disseminating information on good PFM practices and their application.


Public Sector Accounting and Reporting Program (PULSAR) Program

The Public Sector Accounting and Reporting Program (PULSAR) Program is a regional and country-level program targeting the Western Balkans and the EU Eastern Partnership countries to support the development of public sector accounting and financial reporting frameworks in line with international standards and good practice.


Strengthening Accountability and the Fiduciary Environment (SAFE)

The Strengthening Accountability and Fiduciary Environment Initiative (SAFE) is targeted to promote PFM accountability and reducing fiduciary risk in a systematic way to advance the reform in the ECA region.


Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR)

The Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR) in Vienna, Austria, provides a range of knowledge, convening and capacity development services in support of financial reporting reform, institutional strengthening & the dissemination of good practice in the area of financial reporting and auditing.


Good Governance Fund (GGF)

Through International Financial Institutions and other multilateral organizations, UKAID's Good Governance Fund supports a series of governance and economic reform initiatives, aimed at building stability, reducing poverty and increasing prosperity in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).