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Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program


ASL Reports

ASL Annual Conferences Memoirs

ASL Research and Studies

  • Study: Women's Solutions: Lessons for Conservation and Development in the Amazon region, October 2022
    Executive Summary  Spanish
  • Study: Lessons Learned in Effective Donor Collaboration for Amazon Conservation and Sustainable Development, October 2022   English 
  • Report: Strengthen capacity of ASL governments and communities to analyze wildlife data from camera traps, September 2022  English
  • Guide: Securing Sustainable Financing for Conservation Areas: A Guide to Project Finance for Permanence, November 2021  English  | Spanish
  • Study: International Funding for Amazon Conservation and Sustainable Management: A Continued Analysis of Grant Funding Across the Basin, February 2021   English 
    Executive Summary  Spanish | Portuguese | E-Book | Dashboard
  • Discussion Paper: Comparative Analysis of Conservation Agreement Programs in the Amazon, January 2020 
  • Report: World Conversations II: Colombia - Brazil - Peru: Exchange of experiences, tools, and lessons learned on the recognition of indigenous rights and territories for the safeguarding of the Northwest Amazon,  September 2019  Spanish

Lessons Learned 

  • Report: Community Sustainable Tourism, 2022 Portuguese
    Executive Summary and Recommendations Spanish
  • Report: Challenges and Lessons Learned: Knowledge exchange – Forestry Community, Petén Guatemala, 2019 Spanish

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The Amazon rainforest is home one in ten known species in the world! With such high levels of biodiversity, the Amazon rainforest provides immense ecological and economic value to communities that depend upon these natural resources.
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The Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program (ASL1) is an initiative funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to protect globally significant biodiversity and implement policies to foster sustainable land use and restoration of native vegetation cover.
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