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Africa Regional Integration

African countries are working together to address common challenges and harness their shared strengths to realize the continent’s potential market of 1.2 billion people. The World Bank Group is a key contributor to Africa’s regional integration.

The World Bank is collaborating with African countries and regional institutions to empower people, unleash trade, and optimize shared natural resources and economies of scale to achieve Africa’s transformation.


Feature Story Mar 20, 2024

Bringing forth water to combat food insecurity and climate change in the ...

PARIIS is the first regional project designed following the adoption of the Sahel Irrigation Initiative (2IS) by Heads of State in 2013. It focuses on the combined use of simple and affordable technologies, incorporating local know-how to irrigate farmlands and enhance their potential.

Blog Feb 29, 2024

Lighting Up Africa: Nigeria Can Show the Way

In Nigeria alone, over 85 million people —more than 4 out of 10 Nigerians— are deprived of electricity. My trip to Abuja earlier this month reinforced what I already knew: the paradox of energy poverty in a land of plenty. Nigeria, an economic powerhouse with huge solar potential, has the largest electricity access deficit in the world. A shocking reality for a country beaming with energy.

Blog Feb 26, 2024

Empowering Young Women in the Sahel: Key Insights from the SWEDD Project

Across the Sahel, young women are key contributors to the socio-economic development of their communities and countries. Empowered with access to better health services, schooling, economic opportunities, and participation in decision-making processes, they can play an even stronger role in economic growth, poverty reduction, improved health and education, and much more.

Feature Story Feb 09, 2024

Making Fermented Milks in Kenya Safer - The Result of Local Research

Kenya is coming up with ways of improving the safe production of popular, traditionally fermented milk. Fermented milk is often produced in non-standardized, unhygienic conditions that carry a food safety risk. The Kenyan government is building local capacity to produce starter cultures that make milk fermented in traditional ways safer to drink and more commercial.

Results Brief Dec 08, 2023

Regional Integration Removes Barriers to Development in Africa

Africa’s potential remains remarkable, with a young and growing population, vast renewable energy potential, and a robust record of regional cooperation through bodies like the African Union (AU). Regional integration is key to Africa overcoming multiple crises, and the World Bank’s RI program is building upon past successes to take on the next set of challenges.

Tambacounda Nov 23, 2023

The power interconnection project that is transforming an entire region

Thanks to the OMVS Transmission Expansion Project -- OMVS is the Senegal River Basin Development Organization--, comprising Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, and Senegal, and financed by the World Bank through the International Development Association (IDA) to the tune of $91.5 million, a 225-kV power transmission network has been built, connecting the power station in Kayes (Mali) to the one in Tambacounda (Senegal).

RESULTS BRIEF Nov 20, 2023

Scaling Up Energy Access for Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Development in ...

Political commitment, improved regulatory frameworks, and public and private financing are driving progress in energy access expansion across Western and Central Africa (AFW). Off-grid systems using solar power are increasingly providing energy services in the region. Moreover, regional cooperation through programs such as the West Africa Power Pool (WAPP) is making it possible to supply energy to 14 AFW countries - benefiting 64 percent of the total AFW population. Nevertheless, a significant scale-up of current efforts will be needed to achieve universal energy access by 2030.

Mortgage loans Nov 07, 2023

Becoming Homeowner

The WAEMU Affordable Housing Finance Project financed by the World Bank through IDA has enabled 12,000 persons to become homeowners.

Food security Oct 11, 2023

OCP Group and World Bank Join Forces

The partnership will unlock opportunities for African farmers to improve agricultural productivity and soil health through the use of customized fertilizers and sustainable farming practices.

Harvesting Hope Sep 04, 2023

Small Farmers Take on Food Insecurity

West Africa is facing its worst food crisis in ten years. Cereal prices have increased more than 30% over the past five years. More than ever in the region, the future of agriculture, food security, and development are intertwined.

Africa Regional Integration

Coming together to benefit each other

The World Bank is collaborating with African countries and regional institutions to empower people, unleash trade, and optimize shared natural resources and economies of scale to achieve Africa’s transformation.

Regional integration in action

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