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PRESS RELEASEAugust 31, 2023

New World Bank Country Director for the European Union

BRUSSELS, August 31, 2023 – Marina Wes is the World Bank’s new Country Director for the European Union, based in Brussels.

Ms. Wes will lead the Bank's dialogue with European Union (EU) client countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and Romania) and EU institutions. She will oversee the operational and knowledge engagement with Governments, stakeholders, and partners to advance the development objectives of these countries, working closely with IFC and MIGA to strengthen World Bank engagement with the private sector.

“I look forward to working with all our partners in the EU to continue building knowledge that can be leveraged globally, including on the green transition and on enabling inclusion of the poor and vulnerable,” said Ms. Wes. “The discussion around global public goods, as well as the role of the private sector, is crucial for Europe and for the rest of the world and will be core in our engagement with the European Union and our program countries.”

Ms. Wes served most recently as Country Director for Egypt, Yemen, and Djibouti. Previously, she was Country Director for West Bank and Gaza. Ms. Wes joined the Bank in 2000 as an Economist for Kosovo. She has since worked across a range of issues in important emerging markets, including as Senior Economist in India, Lead Economist for the Western Balkans and Türkiye, and Country Manager for Poland.

Before joining the World Bank, Ms. Wes worked as a principal economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and at the University of Amsterdam as Assistant Professor in International Finance. Ms. Wes holds a doctorate degree in Economics from the London School of Economics.



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