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FEATURE STORY March 30, 2021

Passion and a Purpose


Sabrina Dangol/World Bank Nepal

Shobha Maya BK, Working Professional

Shobha Maya BK, 33, is an administrative officer at Karuna Foundation. She recently finished her Masters in Sociology with a thesis on employment opportunities for differently-abled women. Originally from Syangja district, she came to Kathmandu for her studies. After losing her left hand in an accident when she was eight years old, she had to face not only physical challenges but discriminatory behaviour from people around her. However, Shobha’s family have always been supportive and encouraged her to get an education - she was the first Dalit woman to finish high school (School Leaving Certificate) in her Ward. 

When the lockdown started, Shobha switched to working remotely from home in Sano Thimi, Bhaktapur. Besides her day job, she volunteered with a community of differently-abled people in her neighbourhood for food distribution programs and menstrual hygiene products organized by independent groups. 

Shobha returned to the office a few months ago, and has been working in a nutrition program that helps strengthen existing maternal and child nutrition programs in the country. She provides essential administration and coordination support in projects that lobby for a disability-inclusive society.

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