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FEATURE STORY March 26, 2021

The Director’s Cut


Sabrina Dangol/World Bank Nepal

Kusum Kalikote, Director

Kusum Kalikote wears several hats as a freelance writer, production manager, stylist in music videos, and now a director. With a background in science and economics, she was drawn towards the creative arts.  Her writing career started in 2015 with magazines like Navyata and The Nepali Man. She then moved into copywriting for advertisements. Her real interest, however, was in writing fiction based on strong female characters. 

She was freelancing for various projects when the lockdown began - most of them were cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Struggling financially, she moved back home for a few weeks with her parents. Taking the ample time she had during lockdown, Kusum wrote for herself -  short stories and video ideas.

Post-lockdown, Kusum is off to a fresh start in her career.  She is currently working on a book on singing bowls and spirituality, and is shooting for her first directorial venture from a grant she won from the online platform, Nepali Female Filmmakers. Her film is based on postpartum depression, a topic she feels isn't understood enough among Nepalis and is crucial that it is told through a woman’s perspective. 

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