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FEATURE STORY March 10, 2021

The Olympics in her sight


Sabrina Dangol/World Bank Nepal

Pancha Maya Tamang, Sports Climber

A student of sociology and psychology, Pancha Maya Tamang, 21, was encouraged by her brother to take up sports climbing. She won her first competition at the tender age of 13. There was no looking back after that, having competed in more than 30 sports climbing competitions, including 8 international ones, and securing first position six times.

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, Pancha Maya was training to participate in the 2020 Olympics which is now scheduled for July 2021. When the lockdown was announced, she kept herself busy with her studies and training. Without the equipment at home, she had to get creative like hang upside down from the ceiling and climb on her bedroom wall or any surface in her home in order to stay fit. Determined not to lose her hard-earned fitness, she took on fitness challenges like 30-day burpee challenges, plank challenges, and many more. She says it kept her spirits up during the uncertain times of the lockdown.

She is adapting to the new normal and has been training in natural rock and open areas as she wants to be a professional sports climber. She is still determined to participate in the Olympics representing Nepal.

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