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FEATURE STORY March 17, 2021

Leading by Example


Sabrina Dangol/World Bank Nepal

Reena Nepali, Ward Member

At 29, Reena Nepali is among the new generation of young elected representatives in today’s federal Nepal. As the Ward Member in Ward no. 21 in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepali takes pride in serving her constituents. Besides infrastructure and community improvement programs, her ward also focuses on providing better economic and leadership opportunities for women and indigenous people through livelihood and vocational training. 

The lockdown in March last year was an unprecedented time for all local governments in the country.  Nepali helped ensure masks, sanitizers and food packages were distributed to residents in her ward, especially the vulnerable ones. As the lockdown extended, she had handwashing facilities installed near market areas and care kits distributed to people in home isolation. 

There was a personal crisis at home too; her husband was infected with Covid. Amidst her responsibilities at work and at home, Nepali says the support she received from her colleagues and family were crucial to push through such challenging times. 

Nepali is currently busy with organizing a smooth Covid vaccine campaign for the elderly of her ward.

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