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What's Holding Back the Private Sector? Understanding the Business Experience through Enterprise Surveys

June 12, 2024
The World Bank


0:00 - 2:12 Opening and welcome by the emcee, Wendy Teleki

2:12 - 8:55 Opening remarks by Indermit Gill - Empowering development through the World Bank Enterprise Surveys              

8:57 - 9:50 Emcee Wendy Teleki introduces the main presenter, Jorge Rodríguez

9:51 - 22:33 Presentation by Manager of the Enterprise Analysis Unit, Jorge Rodríguez - What does the latest Enterprise Survey data reveal? 

22:34 - 25:17 Emcee Wendy Teleki introduces the panelists and panel moderator

25:18 - 1:15:55 Panel discussion: Enabling private sector growth through understanding of firms’ experiences

1:15:56 - 1:16:20 Emcee Wendy Teleki introduces the video testimonial

1:16:21 - 1:19:12 Video testimonial - How have Enterprise Surveys data and analysis been used in operations?

1:19:13 - End  Conclusion and thank you


Download the WBES Presentation here.


(World Bank staff in Washington DC may attend in-person in MC2-800)  

The private sector plays a pivotal role in economic development, driving productivity growth, investment, job opportunities, and government revenues. Private sector businesses are essential for sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction. To unleash the private sector’s full potential, it is critical to understand the experiences and challenges faced by firms, as well as the business environment in which they operate. 

For this purpose, the World Bank Enterprise Surveys (WBES) team has been providing publicly accessible, nationally representative, firm-level data, collected through a rigorous and consistent methodology, enabling comparisons across economies and time since 2005. And now, it is becoming bigger and better! The Enterprise Surveys team has completed and published 50 country surveys in a year, more than tripling its normal production. We would like to invite you to celebrate this milestone with us.

During this one-hour event, you will hear from prominent academics and practitioners about experiences of the private sector, new opportunities in the measurement of the business environment, and policy implications obtained from these firm-level surveys. 

Organized by the World Bank Enterprise Surveys team within the Global Indicators Group (DECIG)

  • CONTACT: Camilla Liu,; and Eugenia Rodriguez,
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