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Workshop on Informality in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region

June 12-13, 2023
Women working in Haiti

Women working in Haiti

World Bank

What are the latest developments in the informality literature in the Latin America and the Caribbean region? What are the lessons and the challenges going forward?

Relive the engaging discussions and valuable insights shared during our two-day workshop, featuring esteemed academic researchers. Gain knowledge about the lessons we've learned and explore the open questions that emerged. This workshop was hosted by the Chief Economist Office for Latin America and the Caribbean Region at the World Bank, in collaboration with the University of Maryland and the LACEA Labor Network.

Though the event has concluded, you can still access the information and delve into the fruitful discussions that took place.

DAY 1 – June 12, 2023

Welcome and opening remarks

William F. Maloney and Sergio Urzúa

Social protection

Taxes and Payroll Contribution